Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little from home and a little from afar.

'St. Croix Hazy Morning' - oil - 11x14 - © Marc R. Hanson 2008
Yesterday morning broke with temps in the high 60's and the river valley fogged in. It was beautiful and had to be painted. So following my morning ritual of the coffee shop, and with painting gear in the truck I drove to the Canoe Launch at the Interstate Park, about a mile away. My excitement mounted as I parked the truck, looking out over what little of the river I could see because of the thick fog, warmed by the sun trying to burn it off. About the time I set up my gear, the sun... won! The fog was gone but there was still a good haze to the bank on the Wisconsin side. Not much compositionally challenging, but the color was very, very delicate so I decided to take a stab at it. Of course by the time I first started laying paint on the panel, the haze was gone too and you could see for miles as if there wasn't any moisture in the air at all. But I kept to my original plan and concept, with enough of it laid in to make a finish to the sketch, I carried forward and this is what I ended up with. Not sure that the photo is doing a good job of showing this one. But it's close, it's a very milky, softly colored painting. This leads me to a learning adventure story that started last week while visiting a friend in Maryland who was taking a Camille Przewodek workshop near Easton. I was just painting but was able to visit and discuss what Camille is teaching with my friend, Camille and the other painters a little bit. I'm very much in tune with the basic idea that they're working with. It comes from Charles Hawthorne through Henry Hensche and down the line to painters like Camille and her husband Dale Axlerod. Camille has a way of using the idea and teachings that she studied under Hensche with her own sensitivities to color, edge work and the like, and I like what she does very much. So it's inevitable that I thought a lot about this when painting there in Maryland and back here too. This painting presented me with a backlight, bright hazy morning lighting situation that is difficult to deal with. What little I've learned about what Camille teaches (going to have to take her workshop), helped me in dealing with the subtlety of color that this scene presented. I'm very excited to have another 'tool' to use as a painter when facing lighting situations that challenge me.

'St. Michaels, MD' - oil - 8x10 - © Marc R. Hanson 2008
Just a quick little study looking out from the Maritime Museum in St. Michaels. If you're into history of the waterfront, or even just old boats and old small boat building (I'm building one now... if I ever get the time to finish it), this is a great museum to visit. There are active boat shops on the grounds with craftspeople building new boats using traditional techniques, and there are restoration projects going on too.

'Harbor At St. Michaels' - oil - 10x8 - © Marc R. Hanson 2008
I almost titled this one 'The Crooked Boat House' just as an excuse for the tilt of the little boat house. It was that tilted, it's not my crooked drawing... this time.

'Maple Hall Neighbor' - oil - 8x10 - © Marc R. Hanson 2008
This is a sketch from the road leading out of Maple Hall in Claiborne, MD where we stayed and the workshop was held. I just loved the play of the warm grasses and warm undertones of the greens against the white building.


Anonymous said...

These paintings, especially the top three, definitely differ from your other paintings - so I had to check out Camille's site, etc. Interesting.
...wish I could see that foggy river painting in person.
Sounds like you had a fun trip.
Very nice!

Donna T said...

You did a great job with the early morning fog, Marc. What a great reminder that any scene can look stunning with the right atmosphere. You were in Maryland and you didn't stop over in my part of the state to give a workshop?!! I'm glad you had such a nice time and your paintings of the Eastern Shore are terrific. Oh,thanks for telling us about the Uart paper you use for your pastels. I am really happy with it so far.

Frank Gardner said...

Great trees and great light in the top one. I hate when a "lighting" opportunity like that does not last. so frustrating. I often wonder how much of Monet's early morning on the Sienne paintings were done from memory of the light effect.

I have heard a lot about Camille and her teachings. I would like to take a class with her one day too.

The three from Md. are jewels. I like the way they are painted.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Marc,
The other strong verticals in this painting make the crooked boathouse believeable. Nice painting. I love your work. I first saw one of your paintings in '92 or '93 at Birds in Art (LYWM) in Wausau, WI. It was a painting of a guinea fowl on a windowsill..I loved that painting! I have been watching your blog for a while but didn't connect the dots, that you were the same artist. I'm glad it's you, just doing different subject matter. I was exhibiting at Birds in Art then, too.

Theresa Rankin said...

Beautiful work...great color and style!

Unknown said...

Wow i have to im touched by your amazing talent. Keep posting i will definatley be a regular veiwer!

do you want to exchange links?
take care & i hope to hear from you

Monika ♥

Robert Bissett said...

Marc, your system is bouncing my emails to this address: ???

Bob Bissett

Hi Marc,

Loi and I enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot. Especially glad to learn about David Curtis. I ordered his book right after the ws and have nearly finished reading/studying it and the DVD arrived today. Both are first class.

I wanted to show you the book I did on, but turns out it didn't make it into my bag. There's a link below to it and you can see the full preview for free. I did a review of your workshop.


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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Really beautiful work. I love the sense of atmosphere in your paintings. They FEEL humid! This is my first glimpse of your blog. Happy I came!