Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

Bright blue skies, temps in the low 60’s... a good day. I’m really late tonight so am going to get right to the paintings.
I had some good news last weekend. The Oil Painters of America have asked me to do a demonstration painting on Saturday, May 2 in Santa Fe for the National Conference and Exhibit. The painters demonstrating are Me, Kevin Macpherson, Calvin Liang, John Michael Carter, Kenneth Cadwallader, and George Gallo. So I will be heading to Santa Fe on Friday for the weekend. A nice end to April’s Marathon.

“Backyard Boys” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
You’ve got your Bobcat, your John Deere combine, and your Dump Truck. If you’ve got all of that, where are you going to park it? In the backyard of course. There were enough parked vehicles on this property to give me about 50 painting options, at least.

“Cobalt Blue” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Every once in awhile you run across buildings with these blue shingles. I love them but wonder who it was that decided that cobalt blue shingles would be all the rage? As I was painting the owner of this farm ( who I did not know was the owner ) and another close by stopped and asked me why I was painting this barn. I said because it was “beautiful”! She then told me that it was her barn and we had a very nice talk about the history and property. I love to meet the land owners while painting. They’re always very appreciative of what I’m doing. There was a lot of stacked up wood in the pasture, which I had thought was old wood from barns or houses. She told me that was exactly what is is and it’s going to be sold in a sale over Memorial Day weekend. Sure would make some gorgeous furniture, interior trim or something like that. I’m sure that some of it is over a 100 yrs old, maybe even 150 yrs+. Lot’s of buildings around here.

“Milk Barn” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Another unique barn. The styles around here are endless. I love the doors on this one, barely still on the track. The light was smashing right into the face of this barn and is what caught my eye. Love that barn!

“Last Light” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Boy oh boy... I almost missed #4 tonight. I was meandering around the country side after painting Milk Barn and drove for quite a while before finally realizing I had better just stop and paint or it would be too late. This was a view off of the road near Taylors Falls and was painted in about 25 minutes just as the light did it’s ‘thing’ for me. Any earlier and it wasn’t interesting to me to paint. But when the color lit up, it was time.


Jo Castillo said...

Much more color now that the weather is better. Just gorgeous work for the day. Barns are a favorite of mine.

Watching your marathon is like reading a good book ... I don't want it to end. :)

Have fun in Santa Fe. Eat some New Mexico chile for me.

Brad M said...

Wow Marc. These are really impressive. The detail in these small canvases is amazing. Doing one would have burned me out for the day. That you did two more and this late in your marathon is inspiring.
Congrats on Santa Fe, well deserved.

Jesse said...

Congrats on the trip to Santa Fe. You're going to be painting in good company!
Another beautiful set. As good as you were before, it seems like you are taking it to another level, do you feel like this month exercise is making you a better painter?
I've got to find a way to make it to one of your workshops, it's hard to find the time.

Margie Larson said...

Kudos! Marc --I always knew that your talent fit in with the "big guns." Have a great time at Santa Fe. Take lots of photos and tell us ALL when you get back.

Like Jo said--this month has been a great read. Your writing is natural and as colorful as your paintings. And I do not want it to end either!

Michelle said...

These are all so beautiful! I especially love "Last Light"...the one that almost got away!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Jo. I guarantee you that I'll have plenty of that to eat there. A slight lack of that kind of food in these parts.
Keep reading, I'm not stopping painting and will still be posting. Not four a day, one anyway.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks again Brad. I know what your thoughts and practices are about the drawing so I really appreciate your comments about that.

I can't believe how in shape this has made me. Not physically (need to get back to the gym once this is over), but in regards to stamina. Although, I was a regular at the gym and have been for the most part for most of my life. There are bouts of 'excuses', but that probably does a lot to keep up the stamina for this kind of thing. But you're thin as a rail and active as an agitated agitator, from what I remember. You seem to have endless energy.
You're kidding aren't you? ;-)

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks Jesse. Well, I'll see. I know that it's done a lot. But I'm going to step back a little before trying to decipher any of it. I'm still worried about getting them all in tomorrow! :)
You'd be welcome at any one of them.

Kami Mendlik said...

One more day!
You have done such an incredible job this month with your work. You are such an absolute inspiration for me and so many others!
Can't wait to see what's next! ;)

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Margie. The contact with so many people, artists and non artist alike, has been very deeply touching to me. I will try to reply to all of the comments at some time. But let me say that you are all a great bunch and I'm happy to have you all in my world.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you! Time and time again it's the situations that are less than comfortable or ideal for the comfort of the painter, that result in some of the better paintings. They're more of a gut reaction, instinctive painting. It's exhilarating to paint in those conditions.
Appreciate it.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Kami... Thank YOU! I'm glad that you feel that way. :-) Next is Santa Fe, then packing a lot of paintings for shipment. Probably some painting too... and a little social life.;-)