Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013


'Reservoirs' - oil - 30x40 ©2012 Marc R. Hanson
'A view of the Colorado plains, looking south towards Longmont, CO from Yellowstone Rd, a few miles north of Longmont.  Unfamiliar, but interesting to me, is the abundance of reservoirs, in this part of the west, that dot the landscape.  The number of ducks and geese that I watched floating around the sky this fall, while out painting, was impressive to say the least.  These reservoirs play a huge role in supporting the large numbers of birds living and passing through this area.  The topography of this area is one of an undulating pattern of ranch lands and wild lands, and of course the ever increasing 'suburbia lands' developments.  As I drive around, I am at once high and overlooking the lay of the land, and then soon back into a low lying riparian habitat.  This view is from on one of those plateaus, looking across the mix of landscape that I find so interesting.  All I have to do to change everything, is look to the right and into the face of the Rocky Mountains, and all that has to offer me as a painter!'

I woke up on the morning of the first day of 2013 as a resident of a new state, for the first time in over 33 years!  As soon as the coffee took hold, I spent some time reflecting on what the recent past has meant to me, and on my excitement about what the future holds.  A typical New Years' day activity for many of us, I'm sure.

I'm grateful for all of my past, for my present, and for the future to come.  I'm living in a place of incredible beauty, only a portion of which I've even laid eyes on, and am healthy and eager to dig in and make 2013 even more interesting and rewarding than 2012 was.  

Best wishes to you all for a new year blessed with good health, happiness, peace, love and Art!  

Let's make 2013 A Year of Art!
Longmont, CO


Scott Ruthven said...

Well Marc, I'm so happy you moved here and are loving it so much. Your work here has been exceptional. I appreciate your awareness of not just the beauty of a place but also the birds and other animals, their habitats, and even the science behind the weather. I don't comment much here but wanted to let you know how enriching your blog has been to my artistic journey.
Thanks and happy new year.

René PleinAir said...

Well if this is your first posting of this year, it's gone be a awesome year indeed. We moved early last year and I am still looking around to get the area in my head, which light is where on what time, how's that looking by night or in a rainy grey day, and here is Marc telling exactly how I feel, ... thanks!

Unknown said...


Coming from the Midwest, (Wisconsin and Illinois) in 1984 I have been fascinated by Western water issues for the last 30 years. They are so different from the midwest. Here are some great resources:

"Cadillac Desert" Book and TV Series:

"A Ditch in Time" History of the Denver Water Company

Anonymous said...

Your work has always been amazing, but moving to CO seems to agree with you! We look forward to seeing CO through your eyes! Happy New Year Marc!

Alex said...

Marc, I'm very glad that you find the new place of living so beautiful and full of new artistic ideas to you. Always have been liking your paintings and taken much from them for my own path in art.
Happy new year and thank you for unindifferentness (I'm Russian and know English not so well :) ) to surrounding world that is embodied in your marvellous paintings.

Alex said...

I can feel the cold air and hear the birds. You have captured the essence of a place I used to know well

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you Marc! I agree wholeheartedly with previous comments that Colorado seems to suit you and gives a new level of soulfulness to your work.
May it be your best year yet creatively and personally. All the best and here's to a year of great art!

Paintings said...

Thank you for posting this list and for all of the great information for artists on your site!

Anonymous said...

The new work is as beautiful as the old. I'm so glad that you are posting again Marc. Don't you even think about neglecting the blog again, you have many fans awaiting your posts and facebook is completely overrated! Happy New Year.

Bruce Trewin said...

And Happy New Year to you Marc. You certainly have mede a good start. Magnificent painting!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you for sharing at the OPA blog so I could visit here. I've seen your work, and admired it, at OPA shows. It's encouraging to read your thoughts behind your process.

This painting is especially lovely to me.

Wishing you blessings and happy painting in 2013.

Stephanie Berry said...

Stunning painting. I love the wide openness of your scene and the balance between sky and land. So gorgeous. It must be like an added window on the wall where it hangs.

Vaughn said...

This is cool!