Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'On The Bitteroot'

We're back from Door County with lots of paintings to show but there have been a couple of pressing items to take care of first before I get into the editing of the photos of Door County paintings. Soon...

Here's one of the pressing items. I had to get this piece done to send to Wally Grewe in Hamilton, MT for his show 'Fall Classics' at his Ponderosa Art Gallery. It is a pastel done from an oil field study painted while at the OPA National Show in Missoula, MT in 2008.

'On The Bitteroot' - pastel - 11x14 © Marc R. Hanson'10

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Addison Art Gallery One Person Show

I'm on my way to Door County to teach a 3 day workshop and participate for the 2nd year in the Peninsula School of Art's '4th Annual Plein Air Festival'. Yipeee!

I'm posting some new paintings, and some I've posted previously, that are going to Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, MA for my opening on July 31, 2010. If you're in the area, please join us. I'd love to meet you.

'Tangerine Skies' 11x14 pastel - © Marc R. Hanson'10

'May Moon' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson '10

'Incoming Tide' 11x14 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson '10

'Edge Of Dunes' 8x10 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson '10

'Dinghies' 16x20 pastel - ©Marc R. Hanson '10

'Beach Day' 12x18 pastel - ©Marc R. Hanson '10

'On The Sand In P-Town' 8x10 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Old Float' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'North Chatham Beach' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Nice Boat' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Memories' 12x24 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Subtle Skies' 11x14 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'South Big Marine Lake' 12x16 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Sand And Sun' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Rasta Boat' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Perry's Pride II' 11x14 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Morel Woods' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'From Above' 12x16 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Labor Day' 20x24 oil - © Marc R. Hanson'10

'Spring Arrives' 16x20 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Balsam Branch Mill Pond' 18x24 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Brilliance' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Canoe Launch' 14x18 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10

'Cats In A Row' 10x8 oil - ©Marc R. Hanson'10