Wednesday, March 19, 2008

'Golden Rays' - pastel - 12x11.75
Here's a little sneak peek of the finish piece from a demo that I think will be included in the July/August issue of The Pastel Journal. I've been interviewed by Deborah Secor, a great "interpreter" of "art talk" and one with the ability to take that mumble jumble and put it into wonderfully crafted paragraphs. She managed to see what I mean despite 'ME'. The issue features 'Sea and Skies'...and I'm the 'sky guy'. I used to be the 'cardinal guy' in my feathered critter painting days. So 'sky' guy is fine with me as long as I don't have to use all of those reds like I did back then.
The article will feature quite a few pastels with a lot of sky in them, and a demo of which this is the finish. Should be a good read. We had a great conversation and Deborah truly did capture what I meant to say. ;-)

Monday, March 3, 2008

A month since last post!!!???

'The Red Car' - oil - 11x14

This is one that I did yesterday in Taylors Falls. The location is just off of the main drag and is the backside of a couple of houses. It was a grey, drizzly, dreary day. But that red car (Mustang in reality) caught my eye poised in the shadows of those cedars. Made for an interesting study on an uninteresting day.

Where does time go? I've been in New Orleans painting with Mary Whyte of Coleman Fine Art in Charleston, SC. They are mounting a show for us next November with New Orleans as the theme. That will include Mary, Joe Paquet, John Crosby, George Strickland and yours truly. I painted for about 4 and a half days and came home with 13 oils. We had a lot of rain, but thanks to Phil Sandusky, a resident New Orleans painter (who has a great book out with a collection of paintings he did of his beloved city following Katrina. He painted, as he does everyday, around the neighborhoods that he always paints and recorded the aftermath. He did so many paintings that it seemed like a logical next step to put them into a book, he did and it's a treat to view. ), back to Phil and rain...Since he paints outside from life every day(ahhh, warm weather), he has options when it rains. So we found ourselves 7 stories up in an open parking garage looking down over the waterfront in New Orleans. It resulted in a sketch for me that has me the most excited to turn into a larger studio piece. New Orleans is an incredible place to paint. It's a color orgy! I highly recommend any painter heading there to explore the French Quarter (did some nocturnes there and that's a 'wildlife' experience unlike most other wildlife experiences I've had painting nocturnes), the Megnary (sp?) neighborhood of Creole 'shotgun' cottages from the 18th and 19th century. They are painted any color the owner darn well chooses! And they like bright color.

It's all good there. Even painting on the city streets is a real treat. It feels like Europe and the people are very respectful and interested in artists.

Eventually I will post some sketches but they're still in the box.

This painting that I last posted on has had some work done to it and now needs resuscitation. I might revive it, might not. At any rate, it's been shelved for now.