Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Time to return to the sanity of the Blog World.

"Ditches And Dust"  - Oil on canvas - 12"x24"

It's been quite a while since I devoted any real quality time to keeping this blog up to date, relevant or anything but fodder for cricket noise.  I have decided to calm down the crickets, get relevant and update things Art related, with a touch of life thrown in, and resurrect this dinosaur.

What brings me to this place?  Well, I am thankful for Social Media, Facebook in particular, for what it has brought to the table in terms of Connections with old and new friends, and the  Inspiration that has been to me.  Facebook has been very satisfying, serving as a surrogate crowd to help turn down the quiet of the studio here in Mississippi, and elsewhere.  It has supplanted the 'alone' aspect of our work as artists with many hours of camaraderie.  But for me, it has become like a Roman Colosseum where too many peasants are thrown to the lions, too often.  It's too loud.

I'm going to attempt to funnel viewers and followers of my art, back to this platform, where there aren't obnoxious ads, the constant rush of extraneous, petty subject matter, and all the traffic that jams up and diverts the true meaning of anything that you might want to say about art, painting, or life, on Facebook.

Before the advent of Facebook, this blog stuff was calming, comfortable, and for the most part, a friendly place to share, chat, inform, learn and make connections with collectors and artists.  Many of you have become dear friends, we've shared experiences, art, and life in some cases.  I'm sorry that I have left it behind like I have.  I enjoy other's blogs, and have been noticing a little bit of a return to them with some of the artists who I like to follow.

I know this is old fashioned, Instagram is where most people head now for the instant satisfaction of either sharing or viewing what else is "instantly" (name sake, duh) being shown and shared.  Frankly, Instagram doesn't satisfy my need for the visual experience of seeing art large.  I know I can access it on the laptop, but you can't post to it from there.  Maybe it's the older eyes?  But I can't stare at paintings on a platform that fits into my front jeans pocket, without feeling like I'm not getting the whole enchilada.

The fact that the blog platform isn't "instant", is Exactly why I for one am returning to it.  If there is anyone out there who is not a cricket, stay tuned...

I have been thinking about this since this morning.  I only speak for myself, I'm not trying to suggest that any of this isn't good for someone else.  The other reason that I am really interested in getting back here to the blog is that I think it will slow down my own tendency to post Anything and Everything before I even wash out the brushes or clean off the palette!  I used to really enjoy the chance to show process immediately.  But it is wiser, I think, to allow some germination of an idea before just "blasting it out there"!  No more just snapping a shot and plastering it all over without regard for the quality of the image.  I don't think it's good for how my art is presented to do it that way, and it's not good for the viewers who don't really see the truest representation of my images.