Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Lake Elmo Respite' 6-2-2011

'Lake Elmo Respite' - oil - 11x14 ©2011 Marc R. Hanson

Some days are just what you need, and today was one of those. Skies overcast, a little leaden, but with the promise in the air for a period of 'dry' and a little bit of warmth poking through every so often.

Since returning from Africa, it's been tough for me to get out and paint the intensity of the greens that greeted me on my return. They're starting to moderate a little bit now and are turning the trees into those nice summertime masses that are wonderful to paint. I went out today to paint with a good painting friend and as we were making our way to the location we talked about how important it is, to each of us, to go out to search for the 'mood' that Mother Nature is presenting for the day rather than to go out to paint a 'place' or a 'thing'. That's a good attitude to have at times like this when the color is almost painfully intense and so overwhelmingly monochromatic. A myriad of different greens, but all still green.

Mood in the landscape is not a tangible quality, not the trees, grass, water and sky. Mood is how the landscape affects you emotionally, it is what you feel from of your senses... sight, sound, smell, touch (weather), taste and hear. Your impression of the sum of all of those things, and Anything else that is affecting you while out there is what is interesting to paint to me.

ps... I could never stand and paint effectively while wearing an iPod device and earbuds.