Friday, November 14, 2008


Let's see if I get this 'tagged' thing right...? First, Sharon Wright did the deed, so here she is! First obligation fulfilled.
Second obligation...7 unusual things about myself. Hmmmmmm.... let's try this out. I'll start with the early years.

1- I was born in a place called 'Oxnard', at Port Hueneme (correction....not a Seal base, a Sea Bee station. I was only 0 yrs old then. Can't be expected to remember everything). How's that for a start to life. Following that at six weeks old, I was moved to Fairbanks, AK via ferry and the AlCan highway most of which was gravel at the was cold, I remember that! ;-)

2- I was part of the first Boy Scout troop to achieve the '50 miler' badge on skis while living in Norway. At the same time, our troop leaders (some ex British paratroopers), took us over a mountain range that had not been traversed before... in the middle of a raging blizzard. I don't think that they knew it was there, frankly.

3- While at summer camp in Norway, the camp of Olaf Reed Olsen (a Norwegian undergroud hero from WWll), I sank two miles off shore in a small sailboat during a raging storm. The boat was overloaded with boys and we could not be picked up by boat so had to swim to shore. We also learned to like fish balls, and a combination of sardines/gjeitost (goat cheese)/ and raspberry jam on flatbrød. Hunger will make you do strange things. I'm lucky to be here to write this now!

4- My Little League baseball team from Oslo, Norway took 2nd place in the European Little League Allstar Playoffs. Rota, Spain beat us and got to make the trip to Williamsport, PA to play in the Little League Allstar World Series Championships. We were very, very sad about that. I only regained my love for Spain after discovering J. Sorolla's art. I love Spain now!

5- I went to 3 high schools, college and art school in California and then reverse migrated to Minnesota because I like snow. Now you know I'm 'unusual'. At one point I had to decide, continue to make a life teaching skiing in California ( I had been doing that in the Sierra's since high school), or leave that and go to art school. I am fortunate to have chosen art school. It's become my life.

6- I'm very disciplined. There are many things that could possibly distract me if I'm not careful. I'll list a few of the things that I like but 'don't do' any more very often, in order to stay on track as an artist. I am a licensed private pilot with an instrument rating with a partially built 200 kt aluminum airplane that I'm building (stored in my house), am building a 12 foot wooden flat bottom rowing skiff for painting out of, I sail, shoot a traditional wooden bow ( have started a couple of 'self bows' from hickory) and homemade cedar arrows, like to fly fish and tie flies, hunt, ski of course, build and fly RC aircraft, copper sculpture, silver work and enameling, cooking, and about 50 other distractible activities that I find interesting.

7- I painted birds for 25 years!

I'll list the 7 tagged people when I find them...soon....

Here they are. Fine painters and teachers... my two requirements for the list.

1-Kami Polzin:) Inspirational person, teacher and painter! :)

2-Anne Kullaf Great teaching blog!

3-Michael Chesley JohnsonWriter, painter, teacher!

4-Marc DalessioWow! Just discovered Marc's work. Teaches, paints and knows materials.

5-Frank GardnerYeah I know, everyone already knows Frank! :) But I like his work, he teaches and if I could only get a teeny weeny little bit of his traffic flow (I'd have NO free time left)!

6-Xiangyuan JiePoetic painter, but bold.

7-Jennifer McChristianHer work speaks for itself, and she teaches!


Robin Roberts said...

WOW! I used to think I was a pretty interesting guy until I read all that.

Crosshatch Studio

Dan said...

There has never been a SEAL Team, let alone a SEAL base in Port Hueneme. Ever

Marc R. Hanson said...

Dan...thanks. You're right, sorry. It was a Sea Bee ?squadron?. I don't know the correct term to describe them. You jogged my memory.

Anonymous said...

well, I sure hope "dan" read your corrected post. sheesh, dan.
meanwhile, DANG, you're impressive.
wowZA with a capitol AND capital ZA!
ZAZA Galore!
: )
couldn't resist.

anyway, thanks for posting all that. very interesting.

i listened, tonight, to the retired head concert technician for Steinway pianos - he had some impressive stories, too. i've been impressed a LOT today, between his stories and your post.

gjetost - yuck. my dad used to make me eat that stuff. i give it to him for Christmas, now. sardines, gjetost.....his favorites! blechhhh. but, i'll take the raspberry jam!!!

: )

SharonWrightArtist said...

Hi Marc, fascinating stuff, I just knew you would have a lot to say! Thanks for that.

Anne Kullaf said...

hi Marc! thanks for the tag to my blog, I just did my tag post. I love your work, esp. those beach ones, they are my favorites.

best, Anne

Marc R. Hanson said...

anonymous... I bet Dan is/was a Seal and he's correct to point that out to me. My excuse was that I was an Air Force brat born at a Naval station. :)
I still love gjetost, just not with the sardines, with the strawberry jam...mmmm, good.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Sharon... Thanks for tagging me. I've discovered a number of new painters because of it. That alone makes it well worth the typing time.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Anne... Great! I went to your blog and went through the wonderful artists who you've tagged too. Your 'unusual' list is great too. I suggest everyone reading my blog head on over to Anne's and dig in! You'll be there for awhile, it's good candy. Thanks again Anne.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the introduction to Marc Dalassio and Anne Kullaf - she likes to criss-cross the canvas/paper, huh! i am so fascinated by this world of painters - there's nothing as lovely that i know of in the classical music world.........sigh.

thanks, again!

Marc Dalessio said...

Hey Marc, thanks for the tag. I'm pretty busy at the moment but I'll do my seven when I have a chance.

I really like your paintings, and I see you've painted in Tuscany. If you come again drop me a line. We're both Californian, Marcs with a C and studied biology before switching to painting.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hey Marc ( I know how to spell that name)... Thanks for taking the tag. It's already introduced me to several new bloggers/artists like yourself. That's such a good thing. Besides those similarities, we also might both know Darren Rousar. He taught/painted and administered the Minnesota River School of Fine Art in Burnsville, MN where I also taught for a couple of years. Small world.
Good to hear from you and I look forward to seeing what else you do.
PS- I don't know about you, but aesthetics prevailed over facts and theories in science(biology) classes in my case! ;)

Frank Gardner said...

I've completed with my duty on the tag Marc. It took so long I was tagged two more times.
Just passed it on to 7 for the three tags. 21 unusual things... that would be like a book.