Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brewster, NY Workshop!

I'm pleased to announce that I've been invited to teach in Brewster, NY, in the Hudson River Valley by the Putnam Arts Council.  

We will be painting on the Tilly Foster Farm and Conservation Area, a historic farm in Putnam County New York.  

From Jamie Grossman, my friend and painter who's lives in Brewster, NY and has been responsible for my being invited here to teach...
"...the farm is currently being transformed into a reserve of sorts for historic animals, to preserve their bloodlines. They have Lineback cattle, a giant donkey like George Washington rode, and other historic breeds of sheep, rabbits, etc. that are becoming endangered. Doing those larger plein air pieces in the studio could enable the artists to include more of these historic farm animals in finished pieces if they wish. It's just one of the many unique things about this location.
There is also a barn that is being filled with old farm equipment, trucks, cars, etc. as part of the farm museum being planned."

The class is open to oil and pastel painters of any level. 

I'm updating some information about a workshop that I'll be teaching in New York in August this year. The dates are August 24-28, 2009. The cost is $645.00. This includes everything that I know and can show and tell you about painting!!! And a lot of paperwork that I've generated over the years.

For anyone on the east coast, or the other coasts or non coastal areas, this is a beautiful part of New York just off of the Hudson River Valley and within reach of the historic locations painted by Frederic Church and Thomas Cole for example. Frederic Church's estate, Olana, is just up the river in what can only be described as "idyllic" country side.

The information about the workshop is below. Hope to see you there!

We have the opportunity for classroom space with this one so I'm going to take advantage of that and design this workshop as an opportunity for students to see how I would use the field studies to work up a larger painting in the studio and for students to then do the same. The class will be designed around a couple of days of field work gathering possible candidates to be used for the larger paintings, followed by a few days of studio work enlarging the study selected, including a demonstration showing my process for doing this.  

The break down I envision will look something like this (weather dependent)...
2 days of field work (including some black & white value studies and small color comps), 1 day where I demo my process, 2 days for students to work on the large studio paintings. Students should expect to get a good start on the final painting but may not finish it entirely.  There will be plenty of assistance, critique, materials discussion and group conversation regarding the process.

My goal is to get the student to see the value in creating accurate field work that can be then used as a reference in the studio, to work up a Concept from the field work that becomes a strong larger studio painting that has similarities to, but is not a copy of the field work.  We will also use photography if necessary and will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using both combined.  

A materials and supply list will be supplied as the dates approach.
Please contact the Putnam Arts Council for more information.  


Jo Castillo said...

This sounds wonderful, sigh...... You should have fun there. Jamie has painted it and it looks wonderful. She is a great painter I know from WC, too.

Solvay said...


(sounds WAY fun - wish I painted. oh well.........)