Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to a little "reality"?

Following my last post of the abstracts, I've been trying to bring myself back to some "reality". My reality is painting my surroundings. So that's what I did a few times this week. I'll confess that after a month of 5"x7" paintings, these 11x14's bring me a little apprehension. That's so weird because before my April project, 11x14 was a normal every day size for me to paint. Now I'm having to get used to all of those square inches of extra space. I will, just sharing.

'June On The Road' oil 11x14 © Marc R. Hanson '09
The late afternoon sky caught my interest in this one.

"Baba O'Riley" oil 11x14 © Marc R. Hanson '09
It was a beautiful night on the river Thursday, lot's of boaters on the water. Across the river on the sandbank were a couple of dozen teens playing at full blast (been there) the Whos' "Baba O'Riley", a huge hit with teens since it was released in 1971! Most of us probably know it as "Teenage Wasteland"!!! I found it a perfect song to be greeted by on arriving to paint. What a theme!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Nothing to be apprehensive about they're both wonderful :)

Mick Carney said...

Lovely contrasting pieces showing the benefit of a real facility in seeing colour and relative values.

René PleinAir. said...

Wow marc you really can paint, ..
was a bit worried after the last post, hehehe

I like the second one with all those lovely people, it does make me think of Lee Haber.

Anonymous said...

Nice, especially the first.


Brian said...


I enjoy your work a lot. But I have a suggestion/question. When I click on your small photos to take a closer look, I get a super-big version (that must be scrolled through).

When you load the image into blogspot, you will see a sizing in the computerese of 1600. You can size the blowup to fit the screen if you change this number to 800.

Just a suggestion. Not sure if you knew that.

Pennpaint said...

I love the sky in the first. The reds in the foreground are nice too.

Too bad you can't put music to painting in the second.

René PleinAir. said...

If you look at the right bottom of your screen you can see a 100% number, when pushing there with your mouse you can change the size you want to see the screen, ... if you don't like to scroll over Marc's painting you can change it into a lower size. For me, I learn a lot of his super-big uploads and I hope he doesn't change this.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Wonderful paintings. I love the colors, contrast, and on and on. great job.

Solvay said...

Take me to the river...
Drop me in the water...

Different song, different decade.

Beautiful paintings - as always.

(you'd'a' loved that concert last night - wish you'd heard it)

Beautiful paintings - as always.