Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using the Beauport and paintbox.

I love this set up. As soon as I figure out why my iMac won't accept my camera, I'll post the finished painting I did in this photo, a 14x18 oil of the river canoe launch.

'Canoe Launch' oil on canvas bd, 14x18, © Marc R. Hanson '09
Well this is the first rung on my ladder to larger paintings outside.
The camera and computer are cooperating... sort of. Erratically, but at least it's not a total blow out anymore.


Erik said...

Wow, so much palette space :)
Setup looks very sturdy.

Tim said...

Haha nice man! I custom built my pochade, cant go as large as you, but I can go 12x16, and still carry it all in the top. I uploaded a pic on my blog. Now come on Marc! We wanna see some Sorolla sizes on htat puppy!

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Marc, I appreciate you sharing your plein air tips. I was wondering how your boat worked for painting???

Robin Roberts said...

Just hit restart.


Marc R. Hanson said...

Robin... it's not doing it. Tried that??? It works on the laptop, also a Mac, and the cords have been switched and they all work on the laptop too. I'm perplexed.

Robin Roberts said...

Is the iMac older? It may be a USB 2.0 vs 1.0 problem. On newer laptops with two USB ports, usually one is 2.0 and the other 1.0. Sounds silly, but have you tried both ports?

Marc R. Hanson said...

It's 2.0 and I've been using the camera and computer together for a year or so. It's just all of a sudden that it's not recognizing the camera when I plug it in and turn it on.

Ben Bauer said...

marc, a lot more colors on that palette than normal?


Erik said...

Can you try a cardreader?

Marc R. Hanson said...

I'm about to do the 'Sorolla' thing just so that I can stay out of the studio and away from these *@##! computers and cameras for a long time!!!

I'm now able to get the computer to acknowledge the camera but every time that I 'eject' the camera, a dark veil slowly slides down my screen and tells me that I need to 'restart'. I have no idea why this happens all of a sudden.

Going to paint or do something else other than this for the rest of the day or I might just launch an iMac on the river and take pictures to rub it in.


Susan the boat is not finished. I haven't had any time here to do that yet but am still hoping that I can find it. It looks unlikely with my teaching schedule and 'paintings needed' requirements for the fall schedule. I hope it doesn't sit until next summer, but then we haven't really had a summer yet anyway.

Hi Ben... not really, the standard crew. Just a lot more of them, big piles.

Erik I'm about to try a fortune reader, tea leaf reader, or a palm reader. Any reader will do if they work! ;-)

Robin Roberts said...

Dude, that gray scrolling window is bad news. IF you get it open again, you better do a backup.

I really like the painting and the new setup. Happy painting.


Marc R. Hanson said...

"Dude, that gray scrolling window is bad news. IF you get it open again, you better do a backup.

I really like the painting and the new setup. Happy painting."

Done... a good idea anyway. It seems to have resolved itself for now. Thanks for the tips Robin.

James Whitehurst said...

If your memory card in camera has been reformatted that can cause it not to read it on a PC. I had to get a new usb reader and worked fine after that. Dont know about mac's. Where did you buy your easel?
Awesome work as always!

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Nice setup and nicer painting, Marc!

I have a great picture of me with the Beauport and a tiny little 8x10 perched at the top of it. Under-utilising the Beauport, to be sure!

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful painting, sorry about the MAC problems.

Nice set up as well.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks James. It's all working now except that if I do the correct 'eject' procedure I get the grey restart screen. Other than that, things seem normal. I know that is not normal, but don't have the time right now to spend all day with the dang thing.
The easel is from ASW.

Thanks Michael. I understand what you're saying. The 14x18 looks like an 8x10. Maybe there's a psychological benefit to that when putting up the larger pieces, they look small.

Thanks Jo.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Marc!...Love your "new" setup...Aldro Hibbard used it as well...very stable and large palette to push paint on! The painting usuual a (not so) little this time) gem! You've got it right! ---- the computers! Painting ...and schedules/rituals are where it's really at...for the artist! Good painting...and workshopping!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Bruce. I wish that I'd had more time this last few days to get out and use it.

Jeremy Elder said...

Marc, you mentioned on Stapleton's blog that that is not an actual "Take It" easel? Where did you get the less expensive version? It looks like it still works great.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Jeremy I bought this one through ASW. It was $99.00 until the end of July but is $119.00 now. They send out 15%-20% online coupons constantly so it might still be purchased for under $100.00.
I don't know the difference between the two, but this thing is built well. I know that he mentioned the problems, maybe one that was put together wrong. At DeWaard's (via another painter's suggestion) suggestion I added a clip on top of the back leg and a D-ring. They hold the two horizontal bars in place, that connect to the front cross bar, when you collapse it. I've looked on the Take It easel website at the photos and drawings and I can't find any differences between the one I bought and it.

Michael said...


I want to paint like you. I am going to get everything you have. Where did you buy your pants?

Seriously, I like the baggy legs. They look perfect for plein air painting in. I rarely am out of shorts but I would wear a pair of pants like those in the brush.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hah! I thought you wrote 'paints' until I read this again.

I love these pants! They're Wrangler Cargo pants from WalMart. Very well made and ... Cheap!!!

It's seldom that you'll find me wearing long pants in the summer, even while painting. But it's been chilly this year, until yesterday, so I've been wearing them more than usual. Mostly to stay comfortable and to keep the insects further from their food source.

In winter they're great too. I can add a layer or two to stay warm and still stay flexible.

Yep, now you can paint like me! ;-)

Tim said...

Its all in the shorts! I think though You got to go all the way, and I just came up with the perfect way to keep nosy passerby's at a distance.
Speedos and a gold chain!! Surefire way to make parents keep their kids in check!

Might have to grow a curly mullet and potbelly too, to keep the girls off. I usually just tell them about my student loans, that usually gives them a vacant stare and a pressing prior engagement...

Scott Boyle said...

Hey Marc,

Have you seen this portable palette from Windriver Arts?

Thanks for all the good info. I always enjoy reading.

Scott Boyle

Barb's Blog said...

It was a really great art class this past week. You are truly an awesome painter - with an amazing eye for color and a deft hand with the brush. Personally, I can't believe how fast you paint, too.
Thanks for sharing your gift with others and for being positive about other artists, whom you graciously acknowledge in your journey of joy.
Barb Martenson

Jack said...

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Steve said...
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