Monday, March 15, 2010

From the weekend

A little outside painting time was stolen from the 'other things to be done' list this weekend. On Saturday Kami and I went up to Crex Meadows, a 30,000 acre state wildlife area that is mostly marsh. We've painted here a number of times in the past and enjoy the solitude and wildness of it. We were treated to Trumpeter Swans pairing up. At one point I was about to paint 'the swans' into the distance and Kami started laughing because what I thought were swans was actually...'ice'. Those swans really look like ice chunks!!!

Saturday was 'Windy' and chilly so we made it a car painting event. Results were... we painted! Neither of us were thrilled with our results, though I liked the painting Kami did because she grabbed ahold of a nice color in the light that only lasted a brief period of time before it reverted to 'gray'. I had my head in the weeds and didn't see that so I ended up painting the scene out the front window as a pretty bleak, cold subject.

'Saturday at Crex Meadow' - oil, 9x12 © Marc R. Hanson '10

The next day we decided that 62ºF and sunny with no wind was just too good a day not to go out and get some more painting time in. This time it was on the ground, not in the front seat of my truck, with nothing on top but light weight clothing! It was NICE!

'Daylight Savings' - oil, 14x18 © Marc R. Hanson '10

And just for fun, I posted this one last Saturday. We went from all of that snow a week ago, March 6th, to yesterday! Hard to believe that kind of a quick change in the landscape.

'March Evening' - oil, 12x16 © Marc R. Hanson '10


Judy P. said...

You and Kami are great recorders of our crazy Minnesota weather - beautiful paintings!

Caroline said...

I love the meadow painting, it is full of atmosphere.