Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last of August for 2010!

I painted these two this weekend and another one, a 14x18, but that one is only blocked in and will need another trip out to finish. Hopefully soon.

'Swirling Light' oil-10x8 © Marc R. Hanson '10
We painted down on the St Croix in William O'Brien State Park after trying to paint further away in the open farmland. But the winds were such that it just made it not worth it to even set up. This park always offers some shelter from that kind of weather and it's along the river so it's cooler. The water on the river is so high, never have seen it as high in my brief time painting here. I hear that from those who have been here a long time however.

'Glorious Afternoon' oil-8x10 © Marc R. Hanson'10
Following an afternoon hiatus to escape the heat and allergies we moved up north of Taylors Falls for the afternoon/evening and found a beautiful location. I've probably painted 10-15 paintings along this one road in the past. But it still is always a place to find available subject matter.


Kathy said...

Marc...these two paintings are gems!! My favorite is the top and that would have to be put in my all time favorites list. It was worth fighting the elements.
Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Lovely examples of the plein air style. I find the back lighting in the first one absolutely delightful. Great piece for us lesser mortals to study.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Kathy.

Thanks Mick! That's what I'm out there doing too... studying Nature and letting her tell me what's up!

wetoilpaint said...

'Swirling Light' is just breathtaking beautiful!Love the breezy breeze!
'Glorious Afternoon' is perfect in it's peacefulness and calmness!

jesusest@gmail.com said...

I like them , I am going to start talking to nature too, Cheers

Ben Bauer said...

Marc if you don't mind may I ask what these are painted on? Love the point one!


George De Chiara said...

Wow, the movement in the first one is awesome! The back lighting is very effective.

Unknown said...


Jo Castillo said...

As always, just beautiful. Thanks.

Chriz10 said...

I very much like the way you "catch"and paint the light; in all of your paintings that I have seen so far!
I'm very happy I found you on the internet:
beautiful paintings, very inspiring!
Kindest regards
Christine, The Netherlands

dbiggeestudios said...

Kudos to you for braving the wind. The back lighting in the top one really captures the feeling of a spirited windy day. Absolutely beautiful.

Fernando Pena said...

great work, in particular the first one