Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Blanket - Nov. 15, 2010

'First Blanket' - oil - 9x12 © Marc R. Hanson '10

We've had our first major snow storm with about 8" on the ground. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to paint it before it's gone and we're onto our second storm. The sun was just out enough to add a warm light and cools shadows to the landscape. It was that kind of a day when about all you could conjure up was Mr. Monet. The color was like that. I mentioned to a friend earlier in the day that the St Croix looked like it was being played in the key of 'Monet'.

It's hard to find a safe place on the edges of the highway to paint now because of the loss of shoulder due to the snow build up. In light of that, I went into William O'Brien (we are so lucky to have this gorgeous park near by) to paint the mix of distant hills, evergreens, willows, dogwood and grass with it's newly laid blanket of fresh snow.

The area that I wanted to paint was in a restricted part of the park so I ended up just painting to work out the wrinkles. Winter painting is a new thing all over again with it's own needs to adjust the way that I painted all summer. Good to shake it out early.

I like the color in this one, but wish I could have positioned myself so that there was a little less horizontal to it. I could have used my official license and made something up. But I decided to take what was there and get the paint on the panel.


Anonymous said...

So good!!!!!

quite a job too..!!:)))Out in the snow:)))

Beautiful painting i like it very much:)))

John D. Wooldridge said...

Love the light on the distant hill! We'll be lucky to get 8" all winter down this way. I'm dying to give some snow painting a try.

Paul Bachem said...

Just right Marc! Couldn't be better!

Unknown said...

Think you struck the right note, Marc. Beautiful light.

Sara Mathewson said...

Love the color in this! I like the comp. too:)

Judie Stang said...

A warm snow painting! I love it. It really does have a "Monet feeling". Makes me want to go "up north"!
Do you know what the prognosis is for snow in Minn. and Wis. is for this winter? We're hoping for lots of snow when we take our family up to Door County for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your Black and White Show at the PSA. Stay warm!

postcardsfromthemainline said...

Simply lovely.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hello and thank you all for your comments!

Minnesota is supposed to be colder with more than average amounts of snow this winter Judie.

Bring white paint.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Wonderful work with us
Good creations