Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 2012

It's been so long since my last post that the entire system for posting on the blog has changed!  I've had a busy spring and summer, and the fall isn't looking any different.  I'm just coming off of teaching my 6th Annual Landscape Painting five day workshop up here in Taylors Falls, my last one at this location because I will be relocating to Colorado in September!  

My resolution is to revive my blog as a place for conversation about my happenings and about Art and all things related.  For now a couple of items to get things rolling again...

In July I took part in the Peninsula Art School's "Door County Plein Air Festival" in Fish Creek, WI.  It was a week of amazing weather, artist camaraderie, and painting.  This years' line up of artists and the work that they produced was the best ever without a doubt.  The staff at the Festival did an amazing job  of keeping everything running smooth and creating the environment for the artists that led to great painting which resulted in many sales on the weekend.  Once again, a big thank you to the Peninsula Art School's staff and volunteers.

I took a little different approach to my own painting at the Festival this year, my 4th year, and painted larger and fewer paintings.  I stretched up linen for them all, smallest size for the exhibition was 12"x16", and I used Floater Frames on them all.  I was very happy with my choices, I prefer to paint on stretched linen.  I think it gives my work a more sensitive and softer feel than painting on a harder board does.  Of course there are times and situations for both, but for now, I'm really enjoying painting this way.  

I was honored to have been awarded the 'Best of Show' for this painting 'Monday Morning', given to me by Steven Doherty, former editor of American Artist Magazine since 1979, now editor of Plein Air Magazine.  It was such a treat to have had Steve select my painting, I've collected American Artist Magazine for a long time and still have all of the issues beginning with January 1979! 

To top that, the Featured Artists at the Festival selected the same painting for the 'Artists' Choice Award'!!!  That one is very special, to be honored by your peers is the highest honor an artist and painting can be given.  It was a wonderful feeling to be in that place.

"Monday Morning" - oil - 16x20 - ©2012 Marc R. Hanson

"Rolled" - oil on linen - 16x20 - ©2012 Marc R. Hanson

'Ephraim to the South' - oil on linen - 12x16 - ©2012 Marc R. Hanson

"Sister Bay Mood" - oil on linen - 12x16 - ©2012 Marc R. Hanson

"Wall Flowers" - oil on linen - 12x16 - ©2012 Marc R. Hanson

I will be back in the Midwest in mid September to teach at the Madeline Island School of Art, a workshop on the beautiful northern Wisconsin Island that sits just off the shore near the Apostle Island National Seashore in Lake Superior.  There is still space available in this workshop... if you're looking for a beautiful location to come and paint some field studies that you then take into their art studios to enlarge, and see my process demonstrated, this would be the place and time for you to join us.

See you next from Colorado!!!  


Sonya Johnson said...

So good to see you posting, Marc - I've missed seeing updates.

Beautiful works, all of them, and congratulations on both awards for your painting at the show!

I heard recently from an artist friend you were moving to Boulder - that's exciting news! I hope you'll offer workshops in the area at some point; since I live in CO, it makes it more likely I could attend one :).

Kelly M. said...

Congratulations on your awards! I had to comment on your neglect of your blog -- perfectly understandable. Agree with your comment about linen, too -- totally different "feel" to it.

SamArtDog said...

Welcome back to blogland, Marc. We've all missed your high bar. Are you really moving here to Boulder? Terrific!

And congratulations for your award sweep. Well done! Anybody can paint light; you paint air. Well, we don't have much here. I can't wait to see you find it - because I know you will - and paint it.

Neville Connor - Australian Painter said...

looking forward to YOUR interpretation of Colorado & other areas (mid west ?) never been to the USA however ive had a fascination with that part of the US ever since watching cowboy movies as a teenager

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks Sonya. It's just been a real fast paced season since March, and there is only so much time for the social media. All I'm going to do now is prioritize what I feel is most valuable to my artistic endeavor, and blogs offer the space and pace to 'chat' in a way that none of the other social media outlets do.

Yes, I will be teaching out in the area when I am settled in. Do you live in that area?

Marc R. Hanson said...

... pardon... I see you do. :)

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks Kelly. I appreciate your understanding.

SamArtDog... I am moving to the area, Longmont for now. Your comments mean a lot because that's what I hope to paint. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Maybe we'll meet up... Left Hand Brewery!

Hi Neville... Thank you! I'm not going to paint any cowboys, others do that a lot better, but I'll paint the dust and sagebrush that they road in. Thanks for commenting.

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Your artwork is wonderful and I'm glad I decided to do my own "catching up" via artblogs today. Looks like I'm still a bit behind tho I hope to see more of your posts.

Hope your relocation goes well, you'll be a neighbor, so may also be able to check out a workshop possibly next year.

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