Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm sharing a poem that is a new one to me, that's no surprise, but I'm surprised that I've never run across this beautiful poem in my years as a bird painter.  It would have helped... Jacques Prevert addressed the poem to Elsa Henriquez who illustrated the front jacket of his book of poetry.

"To Paint a Bird's Portrait"
Jacques Prevert

to Elsa Henriquez

Paint first a cage
with the door open
next paint
something pretty
something simple
something lovely
something of use
to the bird
then put the canvas near a tree
in a garden
in the woods
or in a forest
hide behind the tree
say nothing
don’t move…
Sometimes the bird comes quickly
but it can just as well take many years
before deciding
Don’t be disheartened
wait years if need be
the pace of the bird’s arrival
bearing no relation
to the success of the painting
When the bird comes
if it comes
keep very still
wait for the bird to enter the cage
and once it has
gently shut the door with the brush
paint out the bars one by one
taking care not to touch any of the bird’s feathers
Next paint the tree’s portrait
choosing the loveliest of its branches
for the bird
paint likewise the green leaves and fresh breeze
the sun’s scintillation
and the clamor of crickets in the heat of summer
and then wait until the bird decides to sing
If the bird does not sing
that’s a bad sign
A sign the painting is no good
but if it sings that’s a good sign
a sign you can sign
Then you pull out very gently
one of the bird’s feathers
and you write down your name in a corner of the painting.


Unknown said...

Well chosen poem set off by your wonderful portrait of the stork (?).

VickiRossArt said...

Wow! What shivers this post gave! I'm going to reteeet

MAry Brown said...

This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting. There were so many amazing views - I could have painted

many more too.
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Painting the hamptons said...

Great poem. Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Isn't it a beautiful poem? Inspiring in it's message that speeding things up isn't the point. Take your time, make whatever you do the best and the most meaningful thing that you can do, and you'll do it justice.

Jacy Williams said...

lovely painting with great poem..
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Annie Jolivet-Vilbois said...

What a surprise to find one of my favourite Jacques Prévert's poems translated in english with a wonderful bird painting on your blog! Good luck for your courageous February endeavour!