Sunday, January 26, 2014

Painting With Friends - 1/20 & 1/21.

Last week my friend and fellow artist, Barbara Jaenicke, was in town from Atlanta, GA.  In between some family time up in the mountains, and a workshop she was teaching at the Terry Ludwig studio in Littleton, CO, she had a few days to do some painting.  On Monday Barbara, Stacey Peterson of Evergreen, Dave Santillanes of Ft Collins, and yours truly, spent a couple of hours in the afternoon near Longmont, painting.  The painting, "Snow Slope" is my effort for that day.

The next morning our group expanded to include artist friends, Ani Espriella and Lamya Deeb, both of Gunbarrel, Scott Ruthven of Ft Collins, and Dave Santillanes, and we all met up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  As is typical in the winter in the park, the winds were up, way up with gusts approaching 50mph!  We stuck it out, sort of, with some of us inside vehicles, others braced on the leeward side of vehicles as windbreaks.  One painting each is all that we could manage in the conditions.  The painting, "Wind In The Aspens" is the result from the morning.

"Snow Slope" 
Oil on linen - 8x10 ©2014 Marc R. Hanson

"Wind In The Aspens"
Oil on linen - 8x10 ©2014 Marc R. Hanson


Doreen St John said...

Marc, I love these...such beautiful light! I decided to take proceeds from a recent sale to purchase "Snow Slope"...! I can't wait to see proud to own one of your incredible works!

Warm regards,
Doreen St.John

Todd Bonita said...

Too bad for me these are sold!...Id love to have a Hanson on my wall. Gorgeous work as usual Marc...Good lord, you are operating at the highest level, so fun to watch.

Brenda Boylan said...

Wow, painting with wind gusts in the 50's is pretty unnerving. I usually take my easel down to the lowest position and just sit on the ground. Nice work for such conditions.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Doreen! So happy you decided to pick up this one. That means a bunch! :)

Todd... Thank you!

Thanks Brenda!

Jane Hunt said...

These turned out so beautiful Marc! It was fun seeing the photos of your painting adventures!