Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Catching up... again!

When it comes to blogging... "Don't say 'never', ever!"... is my motto!  As I type this the sound of crickets chirping along the blogging air waves are growing louder and louder.  That's alright... it's been a while but my other motto is... "You have to start somewhere to get anywhere".  That goes for almost everything that life presents as a challenge or opportunity, as interchangeably entangled as those two are.

About a year ago, or at least not very recently, I attempted to re-enter the blogging atmosphere via my FASO website's blogging platform.  While it has many features that might be more advanced than this one, I found it difficult to use in a fluid and fluent way.  Might be because I'm so comfortable with 'Blogger' from years of use?  Whatever the reason is, I'm back here to try this again.

Here's my story 'in brief' since my last post of any consequence, November 2016, that one being one of a couple of schizophrenic decisions about what I wanted to be doing with my time, what social media platforms I found most engaging and worth my time, and that I didn't like Instagram! I'm now fully engaged on Instagram, and for some strange reason have collected about 22.5K followers.  Instagram is where I practice being social, and benefit from it's huge vault of images and interests that I am engaged with. (More about salt water fly fishing and tying later, and about why that even means anything at all.)

In the interest of not having a publishing company to handle the book that it would take to cover the last year and a half, this post will have to suffice.  

I met the love of my life a year and a half ago, the beautiful Dottie T. Leatherwood who is also a very fine artist, many of you may be familiar with her, and we decided that having a life together was the best idea either one of us had... Ever.  We have had Lady Luck's gift of a lifetime handed to us.  So, I sold my home in Mississippi last Spring, we moved to Tybee Island, GA last Winter, set up Salt Marsh Studio on nearby Whitemarsh Island, and have just recently purchased a home on Tybee Island where we plan to stay FOREVER!  NO more Penske or Uhaul trucks for either one of us!!!  Dottie grew up in the Savannah area, it's home to her.  I love this part of the planet, the sea, the marshes, the wildlife, and fishing (posts about that to follow soon).  In short, we are both exactly where we want to be, painting and enjoying the life that surrounds us.  Thank you to whoever serendipitously lines these things up in our lives, We are grateful beyond words. There you go, that's brief! 

To cut to our art life, we've been working our tails off, not only with moving 3 households and studios in the last year, teaching, and painting for multiple shows near and far. All the while we're doing our best to get out into the marshes and onto the beaches on Tybee to capture it's beauty and mood in paint!  Neither of us would agree that we get to do that enough, but we're working on it.

To celebrate being in our studio this past year, we're going to have a 'Holiday Open Studio' on November 21st and November 22nd.  There will be paintings for sale, from small studies to large studio pieces, all will make great gifts for any art lover.  We'll have information about our newly published 2020 Salt Marsh Studio Workshop schedule, fresh off of the press!  More on that below.  

Salt Marsh Studio
51 Johnny Mercer Blvd, Suite A1 - Savannah, GA 31328

Both Dottie and I have been teaching for quite awhile, and love the opportunity it affords us to get out  into nature with other painters to help them in their own efforts at capturing the beauty they see around them.  We love this area deeply, and find it to be an endless source of subject matter for working 'en plein air'.  Near us are vast expanses of tidal salt marshes, beaches, and the ever changing skies that stretch for as far as you can see in every direction.  We'll be team teaching this series of workshops this winter and spring.  We can't wait to greet and work with artists who are new to the area, or who have been here for some time. 


MARSH PUMPKIN TIDE - oil - 36x36
Available at Mockingbird Gallery

Available through me at Salt Marsh Studio

HOUSE LEFT - oil - 30x48
Available at Leiper's Creek Gallery

ORCHARDS AGO - oil - 24x24
Available at Leiper's Creek Gallery

MOONBEAM - oil - 36x36 Available
This one garnered the OPA Gold Medal Master's Division
this past October at the OPA Eastern Regional Exhibition
at Beverly McNeil Gallery in Birmingham, AL.
It's available for sale there until December 1st.


barbara stroud said...

Good to hear from you again! Love to hear about your adventures and your paintings. Happy that you two are so happy!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you, Barbara... I miss blogging. I look at blogs from pros like you to keep me going and thinking in a 'blog' sort of way. :)

John Fleck said...

Glad you are blogging again, Marc!
It was a pleasure to meet you (& Dottie) this past summer in MI.
All the best – John