Monday, June 9, 2008

A couple of new pieces.

'June 7, 2008' - 14x20 - oil - © Marc R. Hanson 2008

'June 8, 2008' - 9x12 - oil - © Marc R. Hanson 2008

The first painting is from a morning painting trip with my friend Kami on Saturday the 7th of June. It's a rather large plein air for me, 14x20, on a stretched linen. Just can't beat being there as THE WAY to catch the subtleties of nature. I caught a few of them, and let a few more slip away. But I always feel better having been out there painting from life. There's no doubt in my mind that I learned at least a couple of new things, or made some discoveries, that I wasn't aware of before. And it's likely that the number of things learned is way past just a couple... more likely too many for me to comprehend right now.

The second one wasn't going to be, I wasn't planning to paint. I was up at the local home improvement warehouse store, Menard's for you midwesterners, looking for a table top to apply some tile to. Couldn't find that. But leaving the yard, I drove around the back of the store and noticed a near perfect place to paint. There's a farm (with silo and barn), horses, cows, a little pond, a seldom traveled wide road with a field of cut grass to stand in... what else could you want? But what stopped me in my tracks was the sky yesterday afternoon. Just stunning. Of course by the time I set up and began to paint it's drama had played itself out for the most part and I was left with a nice sky, but not the one that I stopped to paint. This is the result, a little sky study.


Michael Pieczonka said...

Both nice paintings Marc. I really dig the way you handle the trees and folliage in the top piece (and all your work for that matter). That does seem like an impressive size painting to pull off plein air. How long would a piece like this take you to complete?

Beautiful subtle hue shifts in the underside of the clouds in your second piece.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Nice pieces, Marc. You gotta love those serendipitous moments when a scene calls to you. A good reason to carry a little paint kit with you everywhere you go.

Julianne said...

Hi Marc, It's so nice to pop in and see what you've been up to! These are both gorgeous!
And yes, those trees are wonderful!

Frank Gardner said...

The sky in the top one is what I was referring too in the previous comment. This one is painted with a nice soft hand. It tells me so much about the type of day.
Great stuff. The top one blows me away, I love the brushwork and the hints of red in the trees.
When I click on that bottom one, the little red note is just a perfect touch.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Michael P... I spent way too long on this one but it was such an enjoyable day that it was worth that alone. Thanks for the comments.

Michael CJ... I agree. Thanks.

Julianne... He there Julianne!!! Nice to hear from you too. How is your painting coming along?

Frank... Thanks Frank. I really appreciate what you have to say.