Friday, May 30, 2008

Late May Marsh

"Late May Marsh" - oil - 11x14 © Marc R. Hanson 2008
Not much painting today, lot's of tasks and errands to do. But I did get out this afternoon for a quick 11x14 of a pretty interesting sky. However, I used a board with a very rough Russian linen and my brain was not in gear with how much paint it required to cover this thing. This is a very simple, broadly stated painting. More about mood and color than anything else. It's always good to get one in, good for the soul. Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there was one more day in May! (re: your title change...)

Not being a painter, I feel sheepish commenting on this, but, I will boldly comment anyway: I really like the way you do sky. Yesterday's sky looked exactly like what you painted!

In general, I notice that many painters slap the sky on - it looks to me like they do it as one of the last things, as their skies seem to push paint into everything else adjacent on the canvas. Perhaps they're trying to give the impression of the sky being "over" everything, or an attempt to "do" "light," but, to my untrained eye, it wrecks the landscape.

Your skies don't do that - I noticed it right away when I began looking at your paintings.

Yesterday's painting (especially after reading your words about the canvas and amount of paint....) was intriguing in that the scope of the whole painting was brought out (to my eye, at least) by the brush strokes and laying in of paint. And, you convey a sense, in yesterday's painting, of the sky being heavy, which it was, and the sky being over everything, which it is, but yet you enhance the depth of field. The textures (and reflections) in the water and the various textures in foliage make palpable the invisible (like humidity and wind -air atmosphere), and also bring third-dimension depth into the painting. I really like this painting - in addition to them all...

Ed Terpening said...

Make no excuses for this one, it's a winner. Beautiful work.

Marc R. Hanson said...

anonymous...Your comments leave me confused? It's not usually the case that someone who's not a painter, or who is not an artist of some kind, ie, musician, writer, photographer, etc., has the kind of insight into painting that you seem to have.

My guess is that you're involved in the arts in some way and being curious, I'd like to know who you are and/or what you do?

But it's a little weird not knowing who it is I'm writing to!?!

Anyway, I am really impressed with your sensitivity to the work that I'm doing and appreciate your insight. It keeps me on my toes.

Thanks again. I appreciate your 'fan-dom'. ;-)

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Ed...Thanks so much. Love your piece of the canal from the weekend. I'm going to go watch your video clip of the laundry piece right now! Thanks again.

I miss that California sun...another gloomy...albeit Moody (for painting that is) day here. Need some rain?


Anonymous said...

fan-dom - phantom fandom!

in childhood i dreamed of being a painter...just wasn't very good.

yes, i'm a fan - i have a long list of favorites, both from your blog and from your main site.

and i enjoy your words, both in your posts and in your responses to blog comments. my eyes and ears are moved by your kindness.

there are a few painters whose work draws me back to visit their sites frequently (Frank Gardner, Nathan Fowkes), but your paintings draw me back the most - every day, honestly. i always want to look way down deep into them.

i do music. you (and the others) have inspired me to do it better.

Frank Gardner said...

I agree with anonymous about the sky Marc. In catching up here with your latest I find that you really have the guts to go in with a heavy brush when it calls for it, like this one. There is another painting here that I am going to comment on that you do just the opposite. No cookie cutter skies for you.