Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Calm peaceful...chilly...spring morning! Yeah!!!

'Morning- Watershed Pond' - 9x12 - oil ©Marc R. Hanson 2008
A little chilly for the end of May, but at least there's nothing dangerous happening in the sky. This is a little piece of land with a secluded pond that is near me. The light today was not anything to cheer about, rather dull. My problem to solve then became... how to paint "dull" and make it interesting. Hmmmm....I tried. Thanks for looking.


Christopher O'Handley said...

Hi Marc,

Glad you survived all the wild weather. We had a day just like this today, though I think with a heavier grey sky. I really wanted to be out painting it but had to work, so I'm glad you got to paint it! By the way, I didn't comment earlier but I love the "Bitter Dog Barking" painting.


Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Chris! How are things? Were you working Sunday night? Wish you would have called and warned me! ;-)
What a storm we had. Whew!
Are you doing some painting? Hope so. I'm glad you like that Bitter Dog Barking painting. That was a tough day to paint. Beautiful location, but the light was extremely flat and dark. Really had to squeeze some life out of the scene...wasn't much there really.
Except for the dog.
Thanks for chiming in Chris. Keep painting!

Christopher O'Handley said...

I'm fine, but haven't been painting nearly as much as I would like because of work commitments. However, that will change in a few months when I get out of the job and can devote full time to painting...just can't make any progress with the little bits of time I have now; I feel very stagnant and frustrated. I'm looking forward to a workshop with Albert Handell in August, he is coming to Rochester which is very convenient.

The "bitter dog" painting is so great because of what you were able to do with basically a "side of the road" scene...the type of thing people drive by every day without even thinking twice about. In my opinion, it's much more impressive than paintings of spectacular mountain or coastal scenery. Keep up the good work!

Cindy Revell said...

Hi Marc,

Great painting,if it was a dull day when you painted Morning-Watershed Pond then you succeeded very well at making it more interesting.

I'm a still life artist but have been going out to do plein air to learn and grow and this is just the challenge that I'm currently working on, trying to inject life into paintings while not straying too far from the original colors and values. A friend recommended this site and I'm so glad she did, I think I'll be learning a lot from you.


WoolMoon said...

Lovely painting. Captured the mood quite well.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks Cindy...I looked at your website, very, very nice work there!!! Where did you study illustration? Or did you just pick it up?
I'm glad that my site is of help. Stay tuned! :)

Marc R. Hanson said...

woolmoon...that's an interesting handle. Thanks for looking in.