Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OPA...Award of Excellence!

'Rural Route' 16x24
I'm happy to report that Kevin Macpherson awarded me an Award of Excellence for my painting Rural Route!

I'm still in recovery! :-) Truthfully, I'm in recovery from 'not' still being on that schedule. I loved the intensity and mystery that each day presented me.

I'm not happy to report that I was rained out of the demo that I was to do. I was the only one painting out in the open on the square from life, not a photo. Others were in the gallery painting a model or painting from a photo and were able to seek cover and keep it going. Problem is that it rained quite hard and the 'audience' also departed. It never rains in Santa Fe! I started one painting, an 11x14 which I just managed to block in, of a hot dog vendor who promptly closed up as did I when it started to get real wet. I moved under a gazebo on the square in Santa Fe and started another painting of a lady with a stand and umbrella who was selling something. I almost had her blocked in when she also packed it in. So that was it for the demo and the rain continued.

I'm busy taking good photos of all of the paintings, applying a light varnish to them and am now packing them for shipping. Those of you who've purchased paintings should expect them to begin arriving about the middle to the end of next week.

Thank you all again for all of the notes of support and for the purchases of the paintings. You all made this more than just my project, it became a group effort and was more fun that I should be allowed to have.


Leslie Saeta said...

It is nice to see that all of your hard work has paid off! Your award for this painting is wonderful and certainly well deserved. As an owner of three (and soon to be four) Marc Hanson originals, I still give you credit for teaching me most of what I know about painting. Thanks for allowing all of us to follow you during your journey this past month. It was wonderful. And we all hope you will do it again! Soon!

Robin Roberts said...

Very nice and very deserving. Nobody can say that you have not worked for this distinction. Congratulations! The painting itself is very well designed with great color, atmosphere and mood.


Eugene said...

Marc Congrats on the Award! :-)

I'm very envious of the new owner of “Cobalt Blue”, it is probably my favourite painting of a dozen I love.

Hehe you had fun AND made a nice mid year bonus. ;-)


Unknown said...

Wow! What an honor to be recognized by MacPherson. Congratulations! This painting definitely deserves it. My favorite part is the oh so subtle transition from the sun to clouds.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Well deserved award not just for this painting but all the other unforgettable ones. This has lovely subtle colouring and the feeling that somewhere just over the next hill is where you want to be :)

Frank Gardner said...

Congratulations on the award Marc!
Too bad about the demo.

Jo Castillo said...

So sad it rained in Santa Fe. Congratulations on the award which is well deserved. We have enjoyed the ride and look forward to your next adventure.

Marian Fortunati said...

Congratulations, Marc!!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Congratulations Marc! Your work is very deserving.

Teresa said...

Well deserved recognition Marc! Congratulations!!!

susan hong-sammons said...

Congratulations Marc! and I'm not surprised.
Do you think you'll post the pieces you painted/& tried to paint in the rain from the OPA show? It would be very interesting. How large were you working?
Happy Painting & here's to better weather

Erik van Elven said...

Haha, funny. OPA means grandpa here in the Netherlands. Congratulations on the award, that's such an honour.
Well deserved.

julie davis said...

This is beautiful, Mark. It's really an inviting painting. Congrats on the recognition.

Solvay said...

THAT'S SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't even read past the award part of your post, yet. I'll have to come back and write more after I read it. But, FABULOUS! That Kevin has proved himself wise and discerning!!!
: )
: )
: )
Love that sun - can feel ths air - as always, you paint atmosphere and temperature and humidity, well, atmosphere, magnificently!

Solvay said...

WHAT? It RAINED in Santa Fe?
Sheeeeesh.........so sorry about that. What a loss for all those who missed out on seeing your demonstration!

And, another big CONGRATULATIONS on your April project!

Happy mid-May, in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, well deserved, it is a beautiful painting. r.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Leslie... Let me say to perhaps my most ardent supporter out there... THANK YOU friend!!! Stay in touch, who knows what might happen next? Thanks again.

Robin... Thank you. I always find it interesting to see what a judge will pick. What the judge personally does as an artist doesn't seem to be pertinent to their choices. That's a good thing.

Eugene... That was one of my favorite paintings too. I'd like to do it large and probably will, I hope.

Jeremy... Thank you. I know, it thrilled me to no end to have Kevin select a painting of mine. Pretty cool.

Elizabeth... Thanks and thanks for the take on the painting. Makes me feel good that it takes the viewer to result of their own design.

Frank... Thank you. Yep, sometimes weather is a bummer. I could have taken a photo along to paint from inside but to me that just didn't have any appeal. But because of that, mine was a wash. Oh well... what's the saying, "Better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all."? Or something to that effect.

Jo... Thanks again. Me too.

Marian... Thank you.

Deb... Thanks, it's appreciated.

Hi Teresa... Thanks. Paintings on the way.

Susan... Thanks. I was working on 11x14's. No I can't post them. I'm a budget minded artist at heart so I wiped them off in order to be able to reuse the panels.

Erik... Thank you. That's funny to hear the meaning of OPA in the Netherlands.

Julie... Thank you for your comments. I truly appreciate the time it takes for you all to do this. Thanks.

Solveg... Thank You! Happy mid-May back. Isn't it gorgeous out there now? Lot's of green tho. I've been looking at the April paintings as I've been packing them up and I have been amazed at the rich and warm earth tones that most of the month revealed. This month would have been too yellow and yellow green to be that interesting to me I prefer the more subtle qualities that the earlier spring season held. Thanks for the comments.

rahina... Thank you very much.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

WOW, congratulations on your award from Kevin! Your paintings are amazing and it is well deserved.

I feel very lucky to have found your blog as you are one of the artists I admire and look up to.

Solvay said...

Yes, but I recall that life-fire green of some of your works, last spring - I cannot forget the breathtaking moments, seeing them show up on my monitor, last year...so, maybe you prefer the subtleties of the early spring, and maybe a month of green and yellow would bore your vision, but you surely do grasp in paint (oil and pastel) that intense life force that screams itself into the eyes each spring. I'm glad you paint it at least sometimes.
: )

Cecille Carmela said...

Wow I love the paintings :) I wish I could also paint like that..

labrown said...

I feel small and inspired at the same time. Awesome work here and I will be back often for more inspiration. Your dedication makes me realize that I need to be painting a lot more! Best /Lee

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Congratulations on your award, but more importantly on completing your goal of 120 panels in 30 days! Don't you know that it only takes 21 straight days to make something a habit? Wow, you're way.....addicted now! What will you do with the rest of your day? It's been fun watching your journey and I have so many favorites. thanks for sharing it all.

Laurel Daniel said...

Congratulations Marc... these paintings are all so very inspiring! You deserve that award! So happy I found your blog.

Del Ponte said...

Great painting!!!

Solvay said...

That pastel one (WHY do I always forget to look at the titles before I come to the comment page???) - that electric spring green, and the brilliant fresh light coming through the trees...such an inspiring image - thank you!

And, those people giving the scale to the rocks in the lower painting - love that! The magnitude of rocks and water, and the teeniness of humanity....love that!

And, the featheriness of the foliage in the "centered carriage house" [ : ) ] painting - so delicate and soft: spring! Pretty. Very happy and pretty!

Thank you, as always. I have a whole gallery of paintings of your that I carry with me in my mind's eye. I see so many of them every day. What a gift! One of these days I'll be able to buy one. I have two spaces on my wall waiting for one of yours and one of Frank's! : )


Solvay said...

woops! how did I manage to write that on the wrong painting??? hmmmmmmm
I'll copy it and put it where it belongs.