Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sarasota, FL Workshop

I am having a great time in Florida conducting a five day workshop. There is a lot to do and not too much time for the computer but I wanted to post a few pics of what is going on. First... it's colder than it should be here! We've been bundled up in layers, boots, gloves and looking for windbreaks constantly. M Gallery of Art is sponsoring the workshop and it's not a stretch to say that we are being treated in a Royal fashion with coffee, lunch and several dinners all provided for us by Maggie and her staff of eager helpers. They're spoiling us, truth be told. For now, here are a few samples of the experience.

This is the dynamic duo... Chad and Letty. Their counter parts in the feline world, Miss Ping and Mister Pong, a pair of Siamese cats, are more elusive and not on film... yet!

This is who Chad and Letty don't want in the neighborhood... Mr. Snack Attack! We saw this thing at Myakka. The part that you can see, eyes to snout, is about 12" or 13" long. They are telling me that if you multiply that length by 10 you can make a pretty good estimate of it's length... Yikes!

This is Florida??? Boots, hats and coats...

On Sunday we painted Natasha, a beautiful model. I wish that I had done her justice. Natasha is also the one who will get us anything we need while on location and we need a lot! :)

Today, looking for the perfect subject!!!

End of the day in Myakka River State Park on Saturday... GORGEOUS!


Eugene Veszely said...

Marc it looks like a lot of fun!

If you want some heat you can always come to Australia. :-)

Chad said...

I hope you get some decent weather before you leave. I loved it there :)
ps. watch out for MR. Snack Attack!!

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Myakka's a great place to paint, Marc. Lots of little spots here and there. And don't forget the vultures near the concession - they are very willing models!

carlos garcia said...

hello, very good your work
I like it.