Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will the 'Real' Big Bird please stand up?

I ran out of Canary Yellow to finish the other version, so I decided to wipe out Big Bird and paint the egret instead!

In this pic you are seeing the first layer of paint on the linen finally. There are all kinds and variations of greens including some slightly warmer, some grayer in the background, but you aren't seeing those. It looks black... and it's not... the paint has dried flat. I shot this handheld with a little point and shoot so the photo is at best a close representation of what is there.
Otherwise, the egret, water and reflections are just blocked in. There will be a lot of work on the water in particular, including some grasses, and their reflections, that are surrounding the egret.
So that's where it stand for now... 30x40 on Claessen's AC166


Connie Miller said...

The light gives the scene a magical feel already. That peaceful, early morning quiet where you might come upon a scene like this. Lovely.

Chad said...

looking good!