Saturday, March 15, 2014

Get Phaked!

I hope some of you have been here and understand what I'm about to confess... :)

'Ph-aked'... Ph(one) - (n)aked!  Leaving home without it.

I'm coining a new term "Phaked" (sounds like 'Naked' with the 'F' sound beginning), or I've missed it being used before.  Or it doesn't matter and is a moot point.  In any case, I'm using this to describe what has been an interesting thought process with me lately.  

Recently, on several trips into town to pick up groceries or art supplies, why else would I go into town (?), I've left my phone at home, not intending to.  Reason is that my studio is about 100 yds away from my apartment, and I often head to the studio without the phone on purpose.  More about that in a second... 

A side thought... Remember when you had a phone wired into a wall?  I don't have one anymore.  I used to talk to my other artist friends, who were full time artists painting in their studios, about the use of the phone during painting hours.  Many of  us had one of those ancient contraptions called an 'answering machine', a little box into with which you could *deflect interruptions (phone calls) in order to keep the concentration on an even keel while plying away the hours at the easel.  We turned those answering machines on, put the 'ringer' on silent, and had beautiful quiet time while painting!  I made it perfectly clear to everyone I could, that if you called me during my painting hours, you wouldn't get me, you would get  my answering machine, so please leave a message.  I had an exemption from the rule for family members of course, or a call meeting set up ahead of time.  

*I had a hard time sticking to the rule, but any little bit helped.

This was a necessary workplace rule if we wanted to get any painting time in with any resemblance to a fluid train of thought for the hours we had, to spend in our studios.  

Back to the leaving home without the iPhone... Because I occasionally depart the studio on my way into town without stopping at the apartment to grab the iPhone, I was noticing that when this happened, I felt this sudden sense of anxiety, an urgency, a feeling like I just did something that is going to cause me to feel completely exposed and helpless. I felt NAKED!  It was terrible, how could I function without it?  When at a red light, when in the grocery store, at the lunch establishment, in the art supply store???!!!  OMG... I wasn't sure I didn't need treatment... maybe I do? 

I was Phone Naked... PHAKED!!!

Feeling like that freaked me out.  I thought about it and decided that what was really freaky, was feeling freaky over feeling freaky about leaving the freaking iPhone at home!!!   I made a decision at that point...

Think about it, it wasn't more 10 years ago when almost no one had a small portable phone with them at all times, maybe less.  We survived.  I understand the benefit to parents with kids for whom the phones are valuable, and for people who work from the phone while away from home, and others.  

Personally, I hate being a slave to anything, like this computer, or my iPhone.  

I've decided that I am going to leave home without it more often.  And that it will not come into my studio, unless I have a pre-arranged phone meeting to keep. (Yes, my fingers are tingly... palpitating breaths at the thought of it.)

Since doing this a few times, I am breathing easier, taking deep, fully cleansing breaths more often.  I have seen that life does go on without a phone in my pocket or hand at all times.  I sit in restaurants without it and notice what's going on around me, see tables of friends who don't even look up at each other, they're all on their phones.  This is not a good thing. 

 I am a phone addict... I now choose not to be.  GET PHAKED!!!

That's all I'm saying about it. ;-)


Jim Bortz said...

Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Marc, I totally understand where you're coming from. I have an old flip phone and my iPad. The iPad doesn't ring and it's too big to be convenient.

However, I still carry my phone with me in the car in case I need to call triple A or ahead if I'm running late.

ofieldstream said...

Marc .. you touch on a very important point for our age (not that you and I are old farts - which is true, but not cogent to the conversation!) .. but to the current ERA of ENGULFING TECHNOLOGY.

As one of this era's most ardent evangelists for developing the technology of ... mass communication/publishing democratization/access and connection opportunity, I know a bit about the Janus Pandora that has developed in our exuberant embrace of all things Digital.

There is plenty to condemn, blame and worry about in the mindless rush to monetize the vision over the last 10 years.


I will say to your very cogent point and prose, IT'S NOT the TECHNOLOGY.

It's US.

Just like Pogo warned us, that the entire nation was about to look like his out-of-control pollution, infested corner of the Okefenokee Swamp. His immortal testament,

"I done seen the enemy and he is us."

Warns us today of the dangers of any type of pollution. It just creeps out from the corners, with a deadly silence that has us in a fatal grasp before we even know it.

Again. It's NOT the pollution, and it's not the technology. IT IS US.

Your Phaked action is the first line of defense against that creeping suffocation of pollution of any kind.

The difference between being a bulls-eye and a near-miss, is but one step either side of the bullet's track. All that's required to be that 'near miss'.. is to, TAKE THE STEP.

Thank you for pointing the direction in taking, THAT STEP.

You Phaker you!

ofieldstream said...
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Andy said...

I don't own a mobile phone and I'm certain it makes my life much easier. On the flip side, however, it frustrates me when I call someone on their mobile - and they don't answer :)

John Pototschnik said...

I remain old school...wire in the wall and answering machine. Just because a phone rings doesn't mean we must answer it...particularly if it's an interruption. Good post, Marc.

George Perdue said...

So you have discovered that you are smart enough not to need a smart phone. Bravo!

Marsha Savage said...

Marc, I totally enjoyed this post. And, you are right, we need to distance ourselves from this intrusion sometimes. I even forget and leave it upstairs when I am in the studio ... or another room. Later I think about it ... several hours later ... and have missed a phone call that might be important! Oh well! We used to let the "machine" answer it and we would get back later... not instantly! Good for you getting phaked!

Sara Lubinski said...

Good post, Marc. Fun new word too! Here is a link to a thoughtful article you might enjoy:

Susan Vaughn said...

Great post! I leave Phaked often.

Susan Williamson said...

Yes, you are so right! I still have an "antique" flip phone to save money and distractions. Still find myself feeling a bit unstrung when I leave it at home.

susan cushing said...

Anytime we can remind each other these technologies should be conveniences not prisons is helpful. No cell phone reception in our valley is a rare blessing I cherish. A cheap TracPhone, on for emergencies only works just fine.
Creativity doesn't occur when tweeting and punching buttons.