Monday, December 15, 2014


Meaning, starting to post on this blog again after almost 8 months of being absent.  There's no way I'm going to try to catch up.  There's just been too much water rushing under the bridge, but it's all been good.  Since last Spring, I've been traveling a lot, just stopping after two weeks in Mississippi teaching with Dot Courson and her Fine Art and Workshops business, and a short stop in Charleston, SC to visit Horton Hayes Fine Art... my gallery there.  In May/June I taught a workshop with the Akron Society of Artists in Ohio, I've painted in events in Grand Teton National Park (with the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters R.M.P.A.P., who've asked me to be a full member) Door County Plein Air Festival-Door County, WI, and Rocky Mountain National Park, also with the RMPAP group.  This past October I held a very succesful workshop here in Longmont with almost 20 painters... that will be repeated at some point.  It proved to be an ideal situation to teach from the property that I live on, and in the area around Longmont.  There have been a number of shows that I've been painting for, a commission or two done, and now I feel lucky to be able to settle into my studio and work on some paintings that are more complex and larger than all of the field work that I've been painting on since last Spring.  That's a brief summary of the time since last April's post here.  I'm going to start to get back into the swing of the blog by posting some of the work from the last number of months.  Hopefully, that will get my feet back walking the blog talk.

My best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy Holiday Season!

Cool Corner - oil on paper - 9x12 Hudson Fine Art & Framing Company

Ditch Road - oil on panel - 6x8 Daily Paintworks

Closeup of 'Foreshadowed'

Foreshadowed - oil on panel - 6x8 Daily Paintworks

Descending Mist - oil on canvas - 12x24 Horton Hayes Fine Art

Over The Range - oil on panel - 6x8 Sold

In The Shadows - oil on board - 4x6 Sold

Shadow's Edge - oil on canvas - 24x36 Horton Hayes Fine Art

Silver Creek Dawn - oil on paper - 8x10 - Abend Gallery

Sliding Light - oil on panel - 12x12 Abend Gallery

Storm Cloud - oil on board - 6x8 Sold

High Risers - oil on board - 6x6 Sold

Willow Pond - oil on paper - 8x10 Abend Gallery


Bruce Sherman said...

Welcome Back Marc!... Missed your little daily plein jewels... very likes of these!

Hope to see more of your work! I much admire the looseness.. basic truth and honesty with which you interpret the landscape before you!

Masterful works!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

barbara stroud said...

YAY!! Will be happy to read about your endeavors! Gorgeous paintings! It was so nice to meet you while you were in Charleston, you're as nice as I thought you would be, ha ha... We look forward to your next visit to Charleston!

René PleinAir said...

Indeed, nice to see you here Marc, .. oow how I missed your details in the paintings!! FB can't compete with that!!

Have some nice Holidays as well Marc, ... Fijne Feestdagen!!

Haidee-Jo Summers said...

Welcome back Marc, lovely to see your work in my inbox once more!
Merry Christmas to you too x

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Marc.
So nice to see all your lovely paintings! Glad you are back. Wishing all the best in the New Year!

Katharine Norris said...

Your work is beautiful & I really appreciate your sharing it (and your thoughts) on your blog and on Facebook.

Jane Hunt said...

Great to see you back blogging Marc! Your work looks fantastic as always. Best wishes for Happy Holidays to you also!

Donna T said...

It's so nice to see your work again, Marc! I always enjoy reading about it too!

Joan Sicignano said...

Welcome back Marc, nice seeing your post again. Best Wishes for Happy Holidays to you also.

SamArtDog said...

What a treat! Not only are you back and up and running, you're painting my back 40! I've always admired your work, but to have you painting from locations I know well is a gift.
Welcome back.

Lucy Chen said...

Yes Marc, we need you to post more often :)

Peter Russell said...

Good Painting! thanks for sharing.

Joanna Milczewska said...

It is very nice to see your works again. What do you feel when you paint? What do you want to do in the future? Sorry for my english ;)

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Bruce... Thank you! That's very kind, and it's good to be back here writing. I appreciate it.

Hi Barbara... It was very nice to meet you and Fred too. You were just as sweet as I guessed you'd be! ;)
I know I'll be back there again next November, if not before. We'll see you then I hope?

Hi Rene'... your post on FB got me thinking about this. I'm glad that you're taking that step too. The images look SO much better here. And there's not all of the political/religious side tracking going on.

...If I could only figure out how to get the blogs I follow to come to me? Anyone know how that works? I get emails telling me that people sign up to follow the blog but it doesn't get to them either. Help...

Hello Haidee-Jo... Merry Christmas to you too! I saw that you also backed away from FB to revive your blog, or to be more present on it. Terrific!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Katherine N... Jane H... Donna T... Joan S... Lucy C... Peter R... and Joanna M! I appreciate your comments back about the blog post.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hey Sam... I either didn't know, or forgot, that you are in this area! That's great. I will have to keep tabs on your art and see if you show up in any exhibitions so that we can shake hands 'Hi'. I saw you were affected badly by the flood... Sorry to see that. I hope things have been repaired and all is calm(er). That was my introduction to Fall in Boulder County. Be well...

Marc R. Hanson said...

Joanna M... Wow! You're making me think... Ok... When I paint, I feel like all is right for that time I am painting. It's about that simple. My focus is so intense, and this isn't unique to me of course, that all else is blocked out of my little aura for a little bit. As for the future, that is an ongoing quest to find out more about ME via my paintings. I have been reading lately and have come up with a couple of mantras that I have combined into one. It is essential, in my mind, to be the artist I want to be.

Here you go... "Paint paintings that you would want to see hanging on your own walls, and paint things in such a way that only You could have painted them."

I really like that idea "paint the way only you can", of course you can only paint like yourself, that's a given. But the choice of what you paint, how you paint it, what your view about life is... that's a goal worth spending a lifetime reaching for.

Thanks for the question.

Haidee-Jo Summers said...

Yes Marc I did. The strange thing was, I haven't missed it much at all and yet I thought it would be really hard to keep away at first! So many ways of keeping in touch with folks, FB is just one of many! If you go to a blog you want to follow it should have a 'subscribe to receive updates' section somewhere that you can enter your email address into. The trick then is to spot the email that comes through from feedburner asking you to click on the verification link within the email. If you do that, you'll receive that blog's posts by email. That's where it goes wrong though as sometimes the server sends that email to spam or junk folders, or people see it but don't click on the link. On average one in five people that try to subscribe to my blog don't manage to verify and therefore never receive a thing. It's such a shame!
If you want to try mine is

Les Stones said...

Have to mention how much I love your small oil 'Storm Cloud' a stunning yet powerful work! Yet another painting I wish was mine.