Saturday, December 10, 2016


I'm having a hard time getting here to write... but will.  One reason is all the outside of painting, extra paint-icular activities business related that take so much time.  If only we could "just" paint.

One of those activities had to be to figure out how badly I overbooked workshops, painting events, life in general.  Not too bad, I seem to have some breathing room in between scheduled teaching and painting gigs.

So for now, although there will probably be an addition or two to this list soon, this is my 2017 Workshop Schedule.  If you find one of interest on the list, there is a link under each one listed that will get you to a website where you can look up my workshop.  You will need to copy and paste it into your browser window as they are not hyperlinked, this is a .jpeg.  Some may take you to an overall workshop page, some more directly to my workshop listing, and some may not be up just yet.  In that case, contact the organization about the workshop.

I hope to see you at one of these classes in 2017... Thank you!


René PleinAir said...


Bugger, ... coudln't that be whitby ?
I might attend and I'm sure you'll love that place! ;-)

René PleinAir said...
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René PleinAir said...


Alice Abner said...

That's some amazing pieces of Photography :)
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