Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Angel Frost' - oil - 16x20

So this is an exercise in restraint. How to keep all color, value and edge work very tightly knit together so that the painting almost becomes a dream state. Of course, John Twachtman comes to mind when doing any painting of this nature. I love that lyrical, poetic quality in some subjects.

For the painters out there, this was painted on a linen that I had re-primed with Gamblin's oil primer but found it to be very slick to paint on. Aha! For a painting that needed to be almost translucent, in my concept, I knew that the combination of Flake White and this surface might just give me exactly what I needed to pull it off. It did. WE all know about those times when materials, artist, concept and subject all work together to make what we do seem like we might almost have a grip on it. Of course we also know that is a lie! I know that the 'struggle' only hides itself to tease us once in awhile and that inevitably, it will rear it's beastly head again soon. Such is the life of a painter, or at least of mine.

'Angel Frost' is as the name implies, that time in winter when everything is covered in frost that is so delicate that it could only have been applied by angels. Well, it is the Holiday Season!


Terry said...

Wow, Marc, this really hits the spot! We have been having many a morning where the atmosphere is this way. Magical.

I bet this was a challenge but it looks like one you won!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Terry. Are you in the middle of that ice storm? Probably....stay safe! Thank you for commenting. This was a fun painting to do. It's based on two field studies that I painted a couple of years ago. The composition though is from another photo reference, sort of. You couldn't tell that if I showed you the photo, it was just an idea to go from. The studies held the color and situational key to the painting.

Frank Gardner said...

Real good job on the values in this one Marc. Great atmosphere. Love everything about it, even the title.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the positive comments.

René PleinAir. said...

Wow This one is almost abstract, ... with some imagination.

It's amazing with how little "hard" details you are painting so much. Very nice atmosphere. There would be 1000's of angels here in Holland because this kind of frost is very common here during winter. Pity that it's soo build up all around here.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Frank and Rene'...I was thinking 'Twachtman' on this one. Trying to restrain myself from our 'camera influenced, include all' world. That's hard to do, to keep things very close in key, value and hue. Whew!