Thursday, December 27, 2007

'December 26th Afternoon' - oil on linen/board - 8x10

'December 26th Morning Flurries' - oil on linen/board - 8x10

We've had snow! And quite a bit of it. I was out most of the day painting yesterday and into the night. The nocturne won't be seen, it was a wiper. The light of the day was at best, filtered in the morning, and just plain overcast the rest of the day. I'm hoping for some sun and temps that are less than painful to make the next trip out.
Both of these are 8x10's and painted in about an hour or so each. The light in the morning was the entire reason for that one, and in the afternoon the little spots of color in the building and vehicles around it were about all that added to an otherwise grey setting.

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