Sunday, January 6, 2008

'Evening Stroll' - pastel - 8x16

This is the last piece, the 9th, that I'm including in the show 'Pastel Pastorale' that will open this week at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

I painted this one from some reference I took the summer before last while doing a plein air nocturne on this lake in Center City, MN. It was one of those beautiful evenings, warm with a rosy red sky as the sun disappeared into the west. I've come back to the photo several times but just never had a solid idea of what I wanted to do with it. Now that the pastel is complete it is likely that it might serve as the first step towards making the image into a larger oil painting of the same format. I am captivated by the subtle combinations of the very cool greens, rosy sky, and the really rich deep warm darks in the dike road and near trees. In the pastel I've lightened the illumination levels up a little, and if I do this again in oils, I'll probably drop the level of the light a little and play more with the very close relationships that the grayed greens provide. That's my entire interest in the subject, those relationships. So this is step one in the process of discovering what it is about the subject that I feel compelled to tell others about. Of course mood is a huge factor in my interest in painting this too. Though it's a typical midwest little town, it could be any old European village. And I don't have to travel to be there! Enjoy.

This is the show that all of the pastels are being done for. If you are in the area and can make it, please stop by. There is going to be a lot of wonderful pastel painting to see.


René PleinAir said...

Hi Marc,

First things first, I wish you a very good 2008 with good health and lots of beautiful painting time.

Second, good luck with the show. I am not in area so not for me how sadly it is, maybe I will see your work in real sometime.

Thirdly, you where almost tagged. But being tagged several times now myself I decided to point out only 5 artist who I admire, ... your one of them.

Fourthly, What a great new work! It almost a Dutch spot, ..... with that water and church could be right around the corner here, ....

Marc R. Hanson said...

Rene', that was really kind of you to do. I'm humbled, but thank you for your confidence and friendship. We have to get you over here. Or maybe I'll come there????

Paula Ann Ford said...

Marc, This is such a beautiful painting, as are all of yours! You are such an inspiration to me. I learn so much just viewing your paintings and reading your blog. Thank you!! Paula