Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm done early today and going to show this detail because this is the only area of the painting that changed. I worked on bringing the tree up before getting into other areas because the paint is still very wet and if I don't take care of the edges surrounding this the major element of the painting before the paint in the sky area dries, I'm in trouble.

In the enlarged view you can see the soft quality in the paint application that I'm after. Again, paint applied with palette knives, scraped, brushed and repeated. The tree's branches and trunks were also drawn on with the knives and then manipulated with brushes. I'm trying to give dimension to this, it's a large painting and a large shape, but do it without allowing that detail to sneak out of it's place in the image and ruin the overall mood I hope to convey.

That's why this is all I worked on. I worked, removed, re worked, removed again until reaching this point. It's not done for sure, the tree that is, probably will be tomorrow.


Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, PSNM said...

This is becoming quite a lovely piece, Marc. I like the blow-by-blow narration as you work on this.

Have you set up that webcam in your studio yet, so we can watch? ;)

PG said...

Beautiful light you are capturing there, really 'old', as if it had been painted 150 years ago and aquired a patina. Lovely atmosphere.

Slim Johnson said...

Being a Midwestern guy, I see a lot of this type of landscape. You're doing a beautiful job (as usual) and the sky is absolutley marvelous.

rob ijbema said...

you've got 5 readers now Marc, grin.
love the demoo's,the meadow is fantastic,dreamy indeed!

marcobucci said...

Hi Marc,
Was just introduced to your work by a friend of mine. Excellent, excellent stuff. I'll be back often!