Thursday, January 24, 2008

'Old Chisago Cemetery' - 6x4 - gouache

Well, I'm going back here again. I just barely scratched this itch. I drive by this Lutheran cemetery at least once or twice a week and am always looking at it as a subject, summer and winter. The graves are very old and the stones are tipped and growing lichens and moss. The Arborvitae look like the Cypress of Tuscany, Italy. Not quite as tall but close. That's what caught my attention yesterday afternoon. The warmth of the greens being lit by a reddish light of the afternoon sun, against the coolness of the snow shadows stopped my dead in my tracks. It's a great car painting location because there is a huge parking lot right there. In fact on each side of the parking lot is a large swamp and lake too, also good subject matter.

These are quick sketches and have things that I wish I'd done better or different, or both. It's usually an early choice in design that leaves me thinking that it should have been different. But...that leaves room for a next time. I like the color of this one but lost sight of the scale. The scale I've painted is probably measurably close to reality. But the 'impression' was that the arborvitae stood like giants against the grave stones. To reinforce that concept I should have made the grave stones more subordinate to them. Next time!


Ed Terpening said...

love the light in this one. Right on!

Sandra said...

love your gouache quick sketches ! Do you use a limited palette or a full on for the gouache?