Sunday, January 20, 2008

'County Road 75' - 4.5x6.5 - gouache

I just did one little study today. It's very blue, very cold hovering around 0'F. See, that's why blue is a 'cool' color! Makes sense. If you stick your hand out the window it will turn blue proving the point.

I'm going to be on a search for the 'perfect' paper now. This one is nice but it's not at all absorbent. I need a paper that will soak up the moisture fast and cause the paint to drag, adding a little texture. On this paper the paint just glides on without any grab to it. So the paper hunt will start. I think that Canson makes a sketch book of gray paper, and I know Sennelier 'did' and maybe still does. Today I decided to take out my trusty old Robert Wood watercolor palette that has been full of Gouache for about 15 years or so. In art school we used an enamel butcher tray, the same kind that butchers used to use. I still have mine but they're not available anymore. There is one available but it's not the real heavy duty type from back then, the type with the sloped sides. These things are great palettes and if you find one at a flea market you might think about trying it out. None the less, the R.Wood palette works great and comes with a lid. To free my hands up in the cramped space of the truck, I used a 2" spring clamp from the home supply store and clamped the sketch book to the steering wheel. It's a ready made easel.


Ed Terpening said...

wow, beautiful work. I can't believe it's as small as it is. Look forward to seeing more.

Frank Gardner said...

Another nice one Marc. It is good to hear what you say about the papers. I gotta get down to the store and get some gouache.

Donna said...

Your gouache is gorgeous and you sure know how to make cold look inviting! I've been enjoying your blog. Thanks,-Donna

Anonymous said...


I love your plein air work. I always look for your postings on WetCanvas. I especially love the colors that you use. The gouache is supurb. I've never used it, but now I'm tempted. Thanks for posting. I've bookmarked your blog.

Patty (

William R. Moore said...

Nice to see you back with your blog.
I, like so many others enjoy your work and have been following your work here and on wet Canvas for sometime now. Thanks for all of your contributions to the internet. I honestly don't know how with all of the demands of a painting career you keep up with the internet. You must be a much faster typist and thinker than me. :0)

Well deserved publicity coming in 2008.

Thanks for the link to It looks like a very interesting undertaking.

Yes, I'm also ready to get out some old gouache, but with our temperatures here in Texas, I know you would be out there in the elements, no need for a car. I really don't envy the cold weather of Minnesota, but would like to attempt a snow composition occasionally.

Marc R. Hanson said...

I'm really surprised at just how many people have a history with gouache. I think we should mount a 'gouache' revival movement! The group would be huge!!!

Thanks all for the comments. I think that I could travel with this in place of oils and be completely satisfied that I'd have the same satisfaction in both results and usefulness of the studies as with the oils. On top of that there wouldn't be any hesitation at all to carry them on board as hassles. And they meet the requirements in container size for liquids and gels by a long shot.

Patty...try them out. No time like the present!

Ed and Frank...Appreciated. I'd love to see what you guys did with this stuff too. ???? Maybe????

William...Thanks a million. You are making me jealous with the talk of heat. -20'F this morning. That's almost too cold for car painting!