Thursday, January 17, 2008

'County Road 20 & Teal Ave' - oil/linen - 8x10
Last Thursday, Kami, my painting partner and best friend, and I found a great little spot north of Taylors Falls to paint. Temps were manageable and neither of us had painted out for some time. So we were ready to go. I wish I had a photo of her study too, it was nice. I'll see if I can sneak a photo of it and stick it up here too. She did a great job of catching the glow of the day. It was nearly tropical that day. I wouldn't be able to say that today or this weekend with temps only making it to 0'F for the highs.
The next day I came down with the full blown flu and haven't painted since. That's over and it's time again but it's soooooo cold that heading out for anything at all is NUTS!
By the way, Kami was asked to do a public access TV painting demo in December. She's a natural and last night I was lucky enough to see the DVD of the show. If you want to see a great hour of informative instruction, insight and a lovely painting in the end, check her DVD out. It's unreasonably cheap! Here's the link to her website. If interested email her for more info.


indiaartist said...

Wow this scene is so familier and yet so dreamlike. I like it. Thanks.

René PleinAir said...

Common, .... let stay human!!

You can't post so many gorgeous work in such a short time, and for that matter some being nocturne's as well. You have to take in account that there are also normal artist, who paint their buts off to make some respectable work, ....

Unbelievable Marc, just awesome.
I don't have the courage to click on the link to Kami's website yet.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you indiaartist...Winter is subtle but that subtlety is so beautiful. I have to admit to liking a little bit of sun to warm the whites up some though!

Rene'....How are you friend? Hey....I didn't paint all week! I hope you are counting yourself as one who's Always doing respectable work...because you do.

Go ahead and click. You'll like what you see.

Thanks man. I've been sneaking into you know where and seeing the great things that you've been doing too. Go Thalo Blue!!! ;) You're doing some nice things with it, and I like the additional color it's bringing to your work Rene'. So when you coming to the states? Get your butt over here so we can go paint.

Take care.