Thursday, December 20, 2007

'The Point' - 8x10 - oil on linen - life study.

I finally made it outside to paint. It's been awhile with the studio work and then a nasty bug that's been making the rounds. This one was painted in about an hour and a half and that's about as cold as my toes would go.
In my continuing quest to find a linen that meets my needs I painted this one on a fine portrait grade linen that was commercially primed with an alkyd primer. I don't know if it was the smoothness of the fine linen or the alkyd primer itself. But this isn't going to be my choice of surface in the future. The paint ignored what I wanted it to do and slid around with out any absorption into the ground. As I did get paint on the surface I found it to work fine. But it took a very tender touch, a hard thing to do when you're shaking and numb, to gain control of the paint. Those kind of things cause headaches and a shortened temper. Good thing that when you're out there painting in the winter with all of this going on, there isn't anyone else around. I had the entire Interstate Park and the St.Croix River all to myself. I'm not trying to make those of you in more populated areas jealous, you can stay's too cold here! But it's quite an experience to be able to basically be in the wilderness in about 5 minutes from my house at this time of year. Pretty cool! :)


Ed Terpening said...

Well, despite your reported struggle with the linen, this is a remarkable piece. I read about your blog on Rene Plein Air, and am glad to have found it. Inspiring work!

BTW, we have a Plein Air Painters group on Facebook, where we share links, images, videos, discussions, etc. Join us!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Ed. Thank you. I checked out, and registered, the group on Facebook. But, what happens next? I didn't see any forum or thing like that. Is there group interaction, or is it just a staging area so to speak? I'm NOT computer friendly beyond some basic life support functions.

Thanks again.