Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's not all painting... is it?

Nothing to post today although there has been a lot going on in my studio. I've even been painting!

Today I'm continuing my effort to finish a frame for the last painting I posted "Minimum Maintenance'. I'm also working on some studies for future large paintings. This painting that needs a frame is 24x24 and it needs a frame that is better than what is in my budget. So... I'm making one myself. It's not the first time. The square format is hard enough to find in a finished corner frame with some sort of metal leaf finish. To go to a company that builds gilded frames would be nice but so costly that it's just not happening. So from some 1x4 poplar stock ( I can't find basswood here in that size length), a couple of basswood trim mouldings, a router and a couple of blades, a boat load of sandpaper, a jug of Wunda size, lot's of gold metal leaf and a laboratory of finishing chemicals, stains, paints and other assorted liquids and pastes... I should end up with a frame that fits 'this' painting and is better for it than anything that I could afford to purchase. There is something very satisfying about creating the final piece of the painting puzzle, the frame. At this point, I've probably at least stretched the linen, or mounted the linen on board, or primed the linen or board... had some part in the construction of the painting support that I'm painting on. Like my making of this frame, sometimes in order to have the materials that work best for us, we need to be verse ( and enjoy doing it )in how to make them ourselves.

I will post the finished frame when I'm done.

In the mean time, I was reading about cats on Colin Page's journal, where he has a picture of his cat standing on his shoulders while he's painting! Colin's 6'7", like a tree, so that makes sense! They like to have a good vantage point up high and it looks like Colin is it. ;-) ( Not making fun of ya Colin... :) That's a great photo.

Since becoming a cat owner a couple of years ago, never having had a cat in my life before, I've found it interesting how many artists have cats. It's really understandable if you think about it. They provide a comforting, but not needy, friend during the long hours of isolation that artists spend in their studios. Their way of being that, I think, is by just being themselves. No tail wagging, no tongues hanging out of the mouth with accompanying drool, no panting, no groans and moans (that are very loud anyway), no whining or barking. All of those traitss that our other best friends, dogs, are overrun with . Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love dogs. But... cats can be with you, but not be there, if you know what I mean. They're quiet, a good thing for concentration, they seem to like you 'not' paying attention to them while at work (until they demand it), and they come up with activities and antics that are constantly amusing and amazing. On top of that, if you're out for a day of painting, there's no need to be home in time to let them out for relief.

They can be easy to please yet insistent... Mine insists on my using walnut oil, but he doesn't need much more than a paper bag for entertainment! By the way, he's not laying on a wall, that's actually the flooring in my kitchen, from a long time ago.

Back to frame making....


Kami Polzin said...

This is great Marc! You HAVE been productive today! Hi Sargent!

Kami Polzin said...

Nice work on that fame(: It look's pretty spiffy!!!!!!!


Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Kami... Sarg says 'hola'. Yes, it's been busy. And that's a word that you certainly understand very well. Thanks.... Me

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you Paige. Coming from someone as creative as you are... that means A LOT!!! :-)