Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sealing and priming frame

Well in between lot's of 'goings on', I'm still working on the frame. I applied about three layers of shellac to seal the raw wood with sanding in between. Now I'm beginning to apply the coat that would be gesso if I were doing this completely traditional. In this case it's Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 water based primer sealer. I plan to apply about 4 coats, sanded in between, of this with the Apollo HVLP sprayer shown in the pic. To spray the primer it has to be thinned to specs with a Zahn cup so that it's the right viscosity to spray. If you get that correct, the finish is beautiful to look at. The objective is a smooth surface to apply the leaf to. Next will come the colored ground that the size is painted on, followed by the leaf. I'll use a traditional earthy red, like an iron oxide red, acrylic base paint for that. Maybe later today, though the humidity is up so drying will be slow.


Kim VanDerhoek said...

There's special spraying equipment involved too? I think I'll have to stay with good quality ready-made frames for now. I can just imagine what my 4-year old would do with a sprayer around here....!

This looks like it's coming along very well.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Kim... you are so right. Not a toy for a 4 year old, or even a -- year old like me!
It's not necessary but it does make for a nice finish. I actually have the sprayer because of an airplane building project. That's another story. But it is perfect for doing this too.
There is less overspray from this than there is from a spray can of paint. I'm actually doing this in my kitchen.
I was building the airplane in my basement so.... ;-)

Patrice said...

Very impressive. I mostly use deep cradle panels - and it's partly because I hate dealing with frames.

I've made a few - but yours are really good. I always enjoy your posts, but I wish you would say which post of Colin Page's shows his cat standing on his shoulders!! I looked and looked - but I'm too sleepy right now...

(My cat, Elvis loves to ride about on my shoulder, too.)