Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 2 AF (After Facebook)

Is there a 12 step program to help with the shaking, sore stomach, feeling left out, sweats, slipping in and out of consciousness, the lack of desire to be alive that leaving Facebook has wrought?

Ok... That's just bullshit.  Just kidding.  But I do admit to feeling a little lost yesterday without the comfort (comfort meaning the contact with people I actually do know, but who live long distances away) of the familiar wake ups, the daily grinding out you all do, and the familiar rants and arguments that never seem to change.  There is comfort in all of that.

Comfort is my son, Freddy with an ice cream cone.  He's expressing exactly how I am feeling. 

But let me tell you what "comfort" really is, if you don't mind? (see photo above of my son)  Comfort is not waking up feeling like you MUST go and see what is going on there, it's heading out early to paint, to rake leaves, to see the day move a little more slowly because time isn't being measured by the opening of an app or website to watch what others are up to.  It's time to listen to music, to think about life, and to write about it.

Simply, it's the sweet time of becoming more involved in your own life more than in others' lives.

It's so ridiculous to think of what FB has become to so many of us.  Yesterday I was remembering back to a time without it, not too long ago in fact, when you had to either go see people IRL, or write an email, or talk on a phone, to make the connections you needed to make.

That's where I am again, enjoying the space from the feeds.  But I do also now have a nice little café, called Instagram, to hang out in when the art fix is needed.  All y'all (I'm trying) artists are feed for the soul.  Glad to see you there!


Sharon said...

Thanks for this, Marc. My favorite line, and one which resonates, is: Simply, it's the sweet time of becoming more involved in your own life more than in others' lives.

So true.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks, Sharon! It's been a few days and the urge to look for the FB icon on my phone, or the bookmarked page on the laptop... has faded off into the digi-sphere! Feels great! :)

Steve said...

Well, I found you on wet canvas, Then your blog. Guess I will have to bookmark you again.

cj roughton said...

I freaked out a little when I got the email from you about instagram because I haven't figured that out yet and need too!! You are right about giving yourself some space from Facebook it's so draining! I enjoy your writings and your paintings! Inspirational!

Unknown said...

It's Jason Prigge. I will just follow your work here. FB is hard to quit. I admire that your taking a break. All my best. Rock on.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to see you leave FB, but understand. Here's to lots of painting.

Easel Travels said...

I miss seeing you on fb! I always enjoyed your mindful posts and comments!! So I have come to your blog to watch your posts. Hope all is well! Happy New Year!

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