Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here are a couple of pastels from yesterday in the studio. One of my deadlines looming is a show at the Minnestoa Landscape Arboretum in January featuring four pastel painters from Minnesota. In addition to my work, the work of Fred Sommers, Becky Jokela and Karen Kirsten will be on exhibit. Our focus is the landscape, mostly Minnesota, and the variety in seasonal changes. I'll post exact dates and all as soon as I am sure of them.

With that in mind, these are small 7"x14" pastels on sanded paper, UArt 800 & 600 grit, for those interested. I'm sticking with my long format still and think I will for the entire show.

Enjoy, back to work on more.

'Winter' - 7x14 - pastel.

'Fall' - 7x14 - pastel.


Painter for Life said...

Wonderful work! The show should be succesful with that group of artists. The format is working for you. Keep painting for all of us who are needing to paint but can't.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks April. Things work as they will...paint in your head every day. Visualize paintings while running daily errands, sitting in a parking lot or at home with time, just not enough to dig the supplies out. That's good practice and something we'd all benefit from when we are in front of the easel before touching pastel or paints.