Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today I'm preparing to hang some paintings in a new gallery in St.Croix Falls, WI, Gallery 135. In doing so, I've had to photograph some paintings that go back to last year, or at least last winter and summer. Thought that I'd share as they're all very different from each other.

'Mixed Bouquet'
The first is a pastel, 12x9, and is one that I painted in my friend Kami's studio last winter from a bouquet of flowers left over from one of her still life classes. I haven't done many still lifes, period, but even fewer in pastel. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed doing this. I'm going to remind myself (guess this is the reminder) to do more of these during the days coming up this winter that won't be so nice to be out in.

'Humid St. Croix'
The second piece is on the St.Croix from the same spot as the nocturne but looking down river and during the day obviously. This one is 18x24, oil on stretched linen (the Yarka alkyd primed linen,,,fine weave), and is a plein air painting. I started another one on site, same size, but on a surface that fought me all the way. Painters know about this. Sometimes if you like to experiment with materials, you pick one that seems to be your 'anti-painter'. I used to trudge along trying to make those work. In my case, I'm better off to just take the hint and start over if it's a good concept. This was, the weather was warm and calm but the approaching storm was throwing out some incredible lighting conditions. Very subtle and very rich in it's greyness. I love to paint this time of the year.

'Campfires And Moonlight'
The last one is from a nocturne sketch that I did sometime in's from a study. The painting is a 16x20, oil on stretched canvas. I've had to post it so that the sky shows lighter in value than it actually is in real life, so that the darker areas could be seen at all. Photography is not my strong suit.


Sunny said...

I don't know how you do these nocturns. Am looking forward to trying them in Loomis next year, but it sure would help to get advance advice on how to go about it.

Elflling said...

I really love your paintings -- both pastel and oil -- since the fist time I saw a tutorial of yours from wetcanvas. I am hoping to take a workshop of yours in the near future in the midwest region, or when I graduate and move to california. Anyway I was thinking if in the future you have any plan of publishing a book or vedio I'd love to buy them as well. Nowadays a lot of good artists are doing this and your images have a consistent high standard with unique style, it would be really neat to see them in a book. (I have purchased several self-published books from a couple of good pastel artists from and The cost of publishing seems surprisingly low...) Hoping in the near future when I graduate, I would be able to afford an original! The paintings already look incredibly beautiful on the web, I cannot even imaging how stunning they would be right in front of the eye...

Frank Gardner said...

Great painting Marc. I am glad that you started a blog. Love those three 6x8's from that post about your Mom's birthday too. Nice stuff.