Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'To The East' - oil on linen - 12x24
Another in my interest in the wider, narrow format paintings. This is also along the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota but from the Wisconsin side looking into the Eastern sky. I've painted many studies in the area in all seasons and couldn't pick a favorite. But it's hard to beat being there on a warm summer afternoon or evening as the sun lights up the distant shore, listening to the marsh come to life as evening approaches.


Frank Gardner said...

Another beautiful painting Marc. Great job on the sky. Real subtle. The color in the foreground and your description really bring it to life.

Brian Cragun said...

Reminds me of the Whitewater bluffs near Elba. Fond painting outing memory.

Anonymous said...

marc - love it.

antony -jacksonville

Ken Crocker said...

Beautiful painting. The sky reminds me of Fitz Hugh Lane.

Christopher O'Handley said...

Wow, what a great spot to paint. Love the sky and the light on the distant headland. Also really like the wide format...I've been doing some work in the same scale (smaller, though, 6x12) and really like it...seems to work well for these wide open midwestern type of scenes.


Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you all. I'm digging this format...could be addictive. But as artists, you all know that 'too familiar' gets old sometimes. So I'll work it for as long as my artistic overseer tells me it's a good idea to.

Brian this is close to Elba. Across the river north of Alma, WI, Reick's Lake Park.

This photo has some glare that I couldn't seem to avoid. The distance in particular with horizontal brush strokes is really getting glare. Washes out a lot of color. Photographing pastels is soooo easy by comparison.