Thursday, November 10, 2016

3,679 Miles Later... No more Facebook!

For the last two weeks I have been on an unusual trip, the purpose of which was to be an Awards Judge for two different events.  The first one was the EnPleinAir Texas painting event in San Angelo, TX.  The second was the Oil Painters of America (OPA) Western Regional Exhibition in Scottsdale, AZ.  Both events also requested that I perform public demonstrations of painting as well as the selection of awards for them.  As enjoyable as it was, let's just say it was both a nerve wracking and grueling experience.  I can safely say that the quality of artwork being painted in these events these days is increasingly sophisticated and expertly rendered.  The best pieces also had 'Soul', had that unspoken quality that took them beyond just being painted well.  It really was an "honor" to be asked to do this.  It is a weighty responsibility to take on.  How do we judge one over the other?  I'm going to save that thought for a future blog post.  But I have to thank those involved in both events for putting their trust in my ability to make good choices, their faith in me to see what I considered to be the best choices.  As I told everyone at both events, degrees of difference (thousands of a second in horse racing) were what separated one from others in many cases.  The good news for everyone is... the Art World that I am a part of, is continuing to push at the edges of what is the norm.  Painters are looking harder to see beyond the normal approach to the subject matter in many cases.  The practiced skill of many of these painters is growing fast, making the results interesting and exciting to see.  It has been a real treat to be with them all.

I've done it, deactivated my Facebook account!  Yesterday, while driving the last 4 hours on my way home, I decided that there is more to life... period.  You all know the reasons, we all feel them, we hear and read news stories about them, we talk about them with friends, then go back and log onto our Facebook feed. 

My problem is that even though I've become acquainted with many, many people on Facebook, and some have become friends, Very good friends, for the most part it's the same old same old... same old people who I find myself interacting with, same old people coming out of the woodwork like marauding sharks when something is expressed that doesn't agree with their own world view, same old back up when it does.    Much of it is entertaining, some if it discouraging, all of it a time sucker!

Lately, I don't have to tell anyone how volatile and vile that place has been.

That is not why I decided to deactivate.  The rhetoric was part of the reason.  It wasn't inspiring or uplifting anymore, in my view.  Much of the flow down the stream on my newsfeed was false, false information, made up even.  Or it was trivial garbage... THAT I WOULD SPEND TIME VIEWING!!!  When you begin to feel a pall of disgust about something that you are involved in, it's time to reconsider the activity.

My demo at the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition last weekend at Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. It is an oil on canvas, 18x36, and was painted up from the previously posted painting, "Ditches and Dust".

I already blogged some about this, so I won't beat it to death.  But one change of mind here... I am going to begin using Instagram (marcrhanson) for "pocket viewing" as I call it, and perceive the reason and habit of it and Facebook.  I have my account straightened out now so that I can use it properly, and will be for sharing artwork.  That's what I realized is the good part, a quick place to share art.  I don't want to leave the wonderful world of what my artistic comrades  are up to, that's 'I'nspiration that I need.

There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from showing our work to others.  If we go day in and out and don't put the paintings out there, then who are we communicating with?  The making of Art is a communicative act, communication is a dual action.  It takes more than one person.  Between this blog, my Newsletters, email, and Instagram (and yes, I am checking out Pinterest too), I think I will be able to stay out of the wilderness  and communicate with the sharing of art.

I'm looking forward to more reading, writing, home work (repairs), fly tying, archery, fishing, meeting of the neighbors, enjoying a cup of coffee without worrying about frying the computer with it, more time in a day... that's a big one... MORE PAINTING without feeling like if I don't get it up on Facebook, it won't be real.  It wasn't really that bad... really... I don't think?  See you here on the blog and Instagram -close-


Connie Nobbe said...

I need to stay off FB as well. You are right, it's a time-suck. I would like to see your work here and on Instagram though.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you, Connie! This is where it's going to be posted, and on Instagram. I have issues with the visual options on Instagram, but am going to dive in! The need to share and communicate is still there, Instagram will be good for that. Are you there?

Marc R. Hanson said...

How do you who are using Instagram, post photos? When it comes to posting photos of the paintings, I prefer to use a photo taken from my larger DSLR, not from the iPhone (like the one in this post). But, to get those on Instagram, you have to email it to yourself and then post it from the phone??? That's annoying. Is there another way to do it from the computer onto Instagram? said...

Hi Marc,

Unfortunately, there is not a way to post pictures to Instagram directly from the computer (a serious flaw, imho). The whole email to yourself and then post it is what I do as well. It is annoying, but I created an paintings album on my phone, so every time I save a painting to post on Instagram I add it to the album. This way they are all in one place in case you need to post them someplace else or even on IG again.

As for Facebook, I've done my fair share of ranting on there, especially the past few days, but my Instagram is strictly for my paintings (with a few shots of NYC in between) and it's been a great venue to show my work.

Frances said...

Oh, one more thing. I've had a great response to using Instagram Stories. People really seem to enjoy little snippets of the behind the scenes goings on in my studio. May be something for you to check out.


Jessica Kirby said...

Hi Marc,
I've found that Dropbox is very handy for posting photos to Instagram from my computer. By using Dropbox I don't have to download the pic from my e-mail. Once the file is in Dropbox I just choose the export option and it gives me choices of where I want to share the photo.
I also quit using FB over a year ago. I've urged friends to set a timer when they log into FB so they can see for themselves just how much time they waste. None of them have done it, I think they're afraid to see the results. Just be prepared for the "didn't you see it on FB" comments, and the "well I sent an invite to you on FB" stuff that you'll probably encounter.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you @newyorkcitypainter and @Jessica Kirby!

The Dropbox App worked great! Wow, that opens up a much better platform. I'm going to post a short video I found on getting that to work. Thanks so much for the help.

Jessica... that's funny. Yeah, those comments and probably the looks of "what, you're not on FB???" are going to be interesting. I have already accomplished more today than any other normal day being off there.

I have to admit, it's almost a physical reaction to the withdrawing though. I feel it in the pit of my stomach... tells you something right there.

Only Love should be allowed to make you feel like that when it's missing.

Thanks again... this is good.

Jan F. said...

Well said, Marc! I am weaning myself off FB. It's not easy, which surprised me. I heard somewhere that posting stuff on FB and then reading positive comments and getting 'likes' actually causes the release of endorphins; hence, possibly an actual addiction-like response - yikes!

I also use Dropbox for moving my photos around between my laptop, phone and iPad. It seems to work well and is much easier than other methods I've used.

I'll have to check out Instagram more throughly. I like the thought of just seeing paintings and photos without all the extra crap that FB often entails.

Dave C said...

Gee, and I thought it was because you didn't like me anymore. :)

As for posting to Instagram, I just take the photo with my DSLR, upload to my computer (it's going there anyway), do whatever manipulation I need to do and then save an extra copy of the file in a square format (because of Instagram's square format). Because my phone is always plugged into my computer by USB to stay charged, it's always hooked up for data transfers. I save the square format photo to a directory on my phone and then, when I get around to it, I can post it to Instagram from the gallery. Probably about the same number of steps as using Dropbox, but I don't like the way Instagram chops and clips photos to get them on the screen. So I spend the extra step or two and create what I want to be shown.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hey Dave... On Instagram they no longer only offer the square format. You can click the little double headed arrow on the lower left corner and get your formatted photo uploaded as you want it to be. I also want those DSLR pics for Instagram. The Dropbox app is so fast and easy, I like it.

Good for you Jan F. I agree, it's like smoking over there! LOL

Rachel said...

Bravo Marc!

SHaugen said...

Glad we will still be able to see and hear what you are working on here. Have not ever started on Instagram because didn't want one more social media site to check.

Jennifer Young said...

Him: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Checking Facebook."
Him: "I though you were going to quit Facebook?"
Me: "I am, I'm just not off to a good start."

Hi Marc, Until today, when I wondered, "why haven't I seen posts from Marc Hanson lately?" I actually didn't realize you weren't on Facebook any more. I guess I was too busy ranting about the elections. 😜 You are right, it is a huge time suck and it can quickly spin from a past time to a not so healthy obsession. Instagram is much more immediate when I want an image fix, and I seldom find myself down the rabbit hole there. Ironically this morning I wrote a post about how one might delete a personal account but retain a Facebook professional page. Then I chickened out and deleted it! So yeah. I get it. I would like to think I could keep my pro page though as I actually get leads from it. Any ideas of how to do that? Any way, glad to find your blog. Enjoy your newfound hours!


Marc R. Hanson said...

Hey Jennifer... LOL! That's it isn't it? I'm certainly not trying to convince anyone not to be on Facebook. I am trying to explain why it just wasn't for me any longer. I am discovering these ways to use Instagram in a way that takes on the best qualities of FB, mainly marketing and seeing what my creative friends are up to, that I didn't know about when I deactivated FB. I have now found out that I can upload photos from my computer, better quality than the iphone pics, via a Dropbox App. And then someone here mentioned that there is a computer app called GRUMBLR that will allow us to upload photos and videos to Instagram from the computer! That's huge, and makes not using FB even more attractive.

I think you have to have a personal page in order to have a business/pro page? I don't think the pro page can exist unless you're on there personally. But I could be mistaken about that.

René PleinAir said...

Wow, only been away one week (painting autumn colours in the Woods) and away Marc is, ... Facebook will never be the same again! I'll guess they can shut it off completely now as well at least I wouldn't mind as long I know a place on the internet to see some stuff of you! ;-)

Good points all together, ... who knows where it leaves me.

I'm not sure about that instagram thingy tho, it looks somehow like an instante Facebook to me.

Schacht Studio said...

I just realized your no longer on FB. Damn it! No fun without ya.

headlinesmaren said...

Hi Marc... all your comments are true, time suck, frustration, withdrawal symptoms... so I do agree with you on principal. However, one of the things I will miss the most about you being on FB is the frequent sharing of music. I don't spend time searching for music, and I depend on others suggestions and sharing to hear new and older wonderful work! I just hope you continue to post music on your blog, and I will find it there! Also, darn it, I will miss the ease of messaging and commenting on ptgs on FB and the process posts. I find it dreadfully difficult to 'type' on the phone and the voice-posts are always messed up! Anyway, good luck, I will follow as best as I can, your work is worth it and my admiration of you as a human being and as a master of your art demands that I keep up with you! In the meantime, I will hopefully rant a little less on FB and do more raking!

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