Thursday, May 15, 2008

'First Green Of Spring' - oil - 8x10 - ©Marc R. Hanson 2008
I've been nursing a cold for the last few days and the weather has been perfect spring painting material! So today, I leave tomorrow to teach in California for a week, and with that in mind I had to get out at least this morning before getting ready for the trip. I'm glad I did, the warmth felt good and I know that by the time I return all of the delicacy of spring will be gone and full fledged leaf growth will have happened. This is a good time of year. :)


Anonymous said...

THAT is unwordable beauty.

three words:
2) TO
3) YOU


Anonymous said...

Lovely. You've captured the wonderful feeling of spring in the forest very well. I love it.

Anonymous said...

...when I first saw this painting, I genuinely gasped! I was in a coffeeshop and the people around me looked over to see if I was okay.
: )

At first, I actually thought it was a rain-day painting, because that's what the green looks like to me - luminous - as if back-lit. Then when I looked longer, I could see the sun-day light shining THROUGH the leaves, not out from the leaves.
I am so drawn in by your layers and layers of depth - I keep looking deep into it as I look at it over and over and over again................

I guess I have a few words, now, where I had none in my comment yesterday afternoon. I still hold to those three first words, though: THANKS TO YOU!!!

-hope you are feeling better, and that your CA time refreshes and fulfills!

Frank Gardner said...

That green is just right for spring Marc. Funny how with just a slight adjustment on the green you can show what season it is.
Like those little touches of pink.

Bill Yelenak said...

Mark, can you let us know your color mix for that green. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your including the high resolution versions in your uploads. I've been a fan for quite a while and it's great to see your paintings "up close and personal".
Makes them even better. Makes one thirsty for more.

Dianne Mize said...

Just found your site. What an alive painting!

Marc R. Hanson said...

anonymous...Thanks again! Good to see that the work is so enjoyable for you.

Frank...Man it went from needing a little pink, warm yellow and orange to just needing 'fluorescent' green!!! Yikes, need red dirt for balance.

Bill...Cad lemon, cad yellow deep, yellow ochre (light), and one that I stuck on the palette and did actually use...Cad green light. But, all of the other palette colors were also used, Ult Blue, Cobalt blue, Magenta, Alizarin Cr, and so on.'re welcome. I like the blogs for this aspect too.

Diane...Thank you. Enjoy...please.

Joe Kazimierczyk said...

Hi Marc,
I find subjects like this beautiful to experience in person, but very difficult to paint because there often isn't any focal point. Yet you've pulled it off beautifully - this is a really gorgeous painting!