Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 21, 2010

I'm not sure that I've painted two of these in one night that are quite so different in color yet painted within an hour of each other. The first piece was painted about a half hour after sunset, the second one started about an hour and a half later when the moon was really bright.

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9/21-1 'Isaak's Moon'
For my first nocturne tonight I painted north of Taylors Falls at the Isaak Walton League park and boat launch. I thought it might be fun to get the moon's reflection on the water. Didn't work as planned because the river is too narrow to give the space for the reflection to drop down. There is another park and boat launch on the Wisconsin side of the river, that's what the bright orange light is. Leaves are warming enough now so that even as it's getting darker, their color seems to illuminate the hills. I don't understand all of this, like the greening of the sky (probably due to the complimentary contrast of the reds and oranges in the trees on the hillside), but I paint it as I see it out there. I think that being honest and not trying to 'sway' the color towards your own preconceived ideas is an exciting way to paint. I've talked about it before, but to me, this is what makes plein air painting so exciting and worthwhile doing. I can never dream this stuff up, and it's right out there for the taking.

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9/21-2 'Lit Up'
That's all I can think of after painting the second one, how bright it was last night. I tried to paint without the auxiliary light and almost made it. It's just not quite bright enough... yet. Now we're expecting a couple of days of rain, right through the fullest phase of the moon! That is disappointing, I'll see what happens.


Leslie Hawes said...

You have mined gold here. Both these paintings are wonderful.
We'll be overcast, too, for the full moon.
Gorgeous color!

Ray Craighead said...

I appreciate your paintings and your comments. Many thanks!

Lynn Lancaster said...

Mark, what is your normal nocturne palette. I tried one last night and it was much more difficult than i thought. The color of the moon is hard to achieve. What do you use to obtain the bright moon. All the paintings are great. Would make Remmington jealous.

Don Gray said...

Marc, these nocturnes are just superb! The excitement you're feeling while painting them is written all over them--wonderful.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thank you all! Your comments are much appreciated.

I posted one here on the palette topic. It's the September 15th post. I wrote that up because I get so many emails and messages asking "how" and about the palette and didn't want to have to continually answer the same question. I explained all of that in detail there.

Don Coker said...

This is masterful, Marc!