Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010

NOTE TO EBAY FOLLOWERS... I RECEIVED A MESSAGE FROM THEM SAYING THAT AS A "NEW SELLER" I HAVE REACHED MY MONTHLY LIMIT!!! I can call them to discuss this, but not until Monday during business hours. I do not get this one. I thought the idea was to be there selling??? They seem to want to limit your success at doing that.
So I will post these and hopefully get this worked out Monday and will then list them all at once...I guess?

As sort of promised, I got up this morning at 4:00am to go paint nocturnes! I'm not going to lie, that wasn't easy to do. I went out to dinner and did some socializing, a 'not to frequent' activity this month being a student of the night! According to our extremely accurate weather forecasts, it didn't rain like they said it would, either last night or this morning. Good thing they were wrong about this morning.

Cold this morning too... 43ºF. Gloves required for the first time since last winter's painting season.

9/25-1 'By The Light Of The Silvery Moon'
I'll tell you what... As of this morning, I get that old song's title now! It was so 'silvery' that there was almost no color, well subtle grays, but only the slightest hints of warm and cool grays. This one was painted at Little Lake, a 'little' lake five miles or so from me. What I didn't know was that there is a very healthy population of big beavers on Little Lake. I found that out because they swam up behind me while I was painting ( it was dark ), intending to come ashore I guess, and slapped their tails on the water in some sort of aggressive act!!! I acted, jumped out of my shorts in fact! They wouldn't go away, kept circling 10 yds off the lake edge, slapping tails and basically making me worried that they thought my still, concentrating legs might be tender saplings. I took out my flashlight and shined it on them, they're big! There were also about 3 or 4 muskrats swimming around. So much for concentration.

9/2502 'Before 7:00 AM'
I left Little Lake, the beavers and muskrats needed some 'Muskrat Love' time alone. I intended to start the next painting just as the horizon began to lighten up, about a half an hour before Civil Twilight, about 6:00 am this morning, and stop just before Actual Sunrise to be 'legal'. This is what greeted me!!! And more... If I've learned and hang onto one thing from this project so far, it is to get out at Twilight on both ends of the day, morning and night. That's where the magic is happening! I always new that, I'm a hunter and fisherman after all, but life's schedules seemed to have always prevented that in my normal course of plein air painting in the past. Getting kids up for school, to school, to games, activities in the evenings after school... those kind of things. My time to paint was usually more mid-day when the other family obligations weren't there. That is what was supposed to be done then, of course. Now they're on their own. Funny how long it takes us to 're-schedule' our psyche after having done it one way for so long. Whew... I see it happening now, finally!


lisagloria said...

Wow! Those are beautiful!

Frank Gardner said...

Really great Marc. I haven't commented in a few days, but I'm loving every one of these.
Are you going to have any nocturne in you next month?

Mary Byrom said...

I love watching you do these...and I think of you when I've been out painting these recent evenings and nights. It's my favorite time to paint. And when there is snow its even better! Great paintings!

Nicole MacP said...

Good ol' ebay... I love the "Before 7:00 am" painting - it feels like a memory.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Marc!... I am so enjoying your Lunar Marathon... each new 5x7 inch frame at a time as they roll along!

I much admire your tenacity... your good humour and you obvious ability to "shift gears" and come up something fresh... and painterly on a nightly basis!

"You"... are an inspiration ao all of us who folow your treks!

In England... such an effort might result in your being ....

Good Moonlight and Fair Night Skies!
Warmest regards,

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Lisa... thank you very much! You can't beat the bookends of the day for drama and color.

Thanks Frank... What's daylight?

Mary thanks. Except for the cold, I wish there had been some snow for this, really. The amount of light available when the moon is out, and even when it isn't, is a good thing to paint.

Thanks Nicole.

Bruce... I appreciate your comments and that it does something other than keep me out late at night!
And... haha... good one! ;)

LandPainter said...

Marc, you are out-doing yourself!!! These are fantastic. I've been checking out what you've been doing lately and your paintings are astounding. Keep up the great work, I know it's hard, but you make it look so easy. :)

Steve Froelich said...

Sir Marcus. Has a ring to it. Yes ebay can suck. But like most things, its because of those sellers who have gone before and ruined it. Hopefully you can maintain calm as you experience the inevitable more.

Love before 7am

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Gorgeous work... and the beaver and muskrat story cracked me up. "Tender sapling legs"

Les Stones said...

I've not been looking around the artists blog world for long, but I've already found my new 'favourite artist' since accidently coming across your site today - fantastic work. These small oils are wonderful! I think I will be taking a look at your site often, not just for inspiration but for the absolute joy and beauty of your work

Just wondered if you prepare your own painting boards or buy in?

Marc R. Hanson said...

Welcome Lee! I'm glad to have met you here and look forward to conversing about art in the future.
I both buy prepared and prepare my own boards. If I could find the perfect surface ready to go at the right price, I'd purchase them all that way. But alas, that doesn't seem to be possible so I mount linen, prime hardboard, and over prime cheap canvas on board with primer(s) of different types. It's an on going search for me to find the sweet spot in the primer/surface world and I haven't settled on any one combo... Yet. MIght be that I am in need of changing it up often? I prefer a linen, fine weave, with a lead or slightly absorbent alkyd primer. I'm not a big fan of acrylic primed surfaces buy in a pinch do use them from time to time.
Thanks again.