Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2009 Painting Marathon Redux

April 11, 2009

I painted late away from my house and that makes it a late night. That being, I’m keeping the writing to a minimum today. The first two of the day were painted in very bright light and the light was like that all day. Until the end of the day when the last two were painted. I painted both of them standing in the same spot, turning around to paint the second one.

“Pine Point Morning” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
This is the same pond that the ‘Backlit Bugs’ piece was painted at but in the morning vs the evening.

“Blue Reflected” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Easily the most difficult light that I’ve painted in during this series. similar to the hay wagon painting, very bright and flat. The color scheme on this one was so intense that I had to go against my reaction to it and paint it less than I thought it was in order to keep it tamed. Otherwise the blue would have run amuck and been too much to look at. This is a complimentary color scheme and is very much like painting full color in the fall. Very tough on one’s sense of what it should be.

“South Of Road” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Both this painting and the next one are more color studies than completely buttoned up paintings. The light was moving so fast that it didn’t allow time for more than a broad statement. A more emotional statement really. Nice little stream working it’s way through the dead grasses. But the color of the shadows on the grasses contrasted with the color of the grasses was all it took to make this my third for the day. Painted very fast and without adding any more than necessary.

“North Of Road” oil, 5x7 2009
I only had about 45 minutes of light when I finished the previous painting. So I just did a 180 degree turn about and painted what was on the other side of the road from the little stream. Fortunately the light was so rich that it could have been anything and it would have been interesting to paint. Having this there was even better.


SamArtDog said...

I often am beyond amazed by your paintings. Don't mean to get hyperbolic here, so I'll observe the obvious once: I'm convinced that there's light actually in your brush.

Marc R. Hanson said...

SamArtDog... I'm just going to say 'Thank you'. Your comment is appreciated more than you know.