Friday, April 16, 2010

April 2009 Painting Marathon Redux

April 16, 2009

“Emergence” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
The water lilies are just beginning to poke their leaves above the waters’ surface. Winter’s over!

“Calling Goose” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Mid day paintings are so tough. Another flat light situation. Weather is moving in so there was a lot of high altitude moisture in the upper atmosphere producing an overall grayed down color palette.

“Peeper Pond” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I’ve been to this little pond three times now during this project and it has always greeted me with a new painting idea. Frogs are still very, very loud!

“Red Cedars” oil, 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I painted this evening on one of the most gorgeous pieces of land around. There were so many paintings that it required more than one painter to keep up with it. But this is what I did this time.


billspaintingmn said...

"Emergence" or lily pads has really inspired me Marc! I can so relate to this scene, being from Minnesota I can say I've been there
Your color and composition has
tranced me!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Hey Bill... IT's that time again! They're on their way up now. Thanks.

anne spoon said...

It just goes to show you, a great artist can paint anything (emerging Lilypads) and create a beautiful work of art.

Judy P. said...

You've captured such a sense of the time and place with 'Emergence', and your use of color in all your paintings grabs the atmosphere wonderfully well!