Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 2009 Painting Marathon Redux

April 5, 2009

Today was a day of contrasts! Snow, the typical ‘winter wonderland’ morning, a couple of inches of snow covering everything. My second painting of the day was an exercise in tolerating wind and watching the snow melt in front of my eyes. The middle of the day found me surrounded by cliffs and rocks, a nice makeshift out of the wind ‘oven’. Very nice there. Not to be kept contained, I wandered into the countryside for the end of the day. It was warmer, temps had climbed up to 45˙ F, not bad. The only issue was the wind. But I’ll take sun (WARM) and wind, at this point, over cold and wind. Like I said, a day of contrasts.

‘Soft Morning’ oil, 5x7, © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Nice start to the day, winds calm and a frosting of fresh snow. It didn’t last, I’m glad that I had the chance to try to understand it for a brief period of time.

‘Cold Creek’ oil, 5x7, © Marc R. Hanson 2009
Following the morning I found this little creek along a county road. I’ve painted it before, but not in winter. I’ll say this, I don’t know how cold the creek was, I didn’t stick my big toe in it. But I know how cold I was so that’s the name like it or not! I required warm soup before the next one.

‘Cliff Hugger’ oil, 5x7, © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I mentioned the rock oven above. Seems like my neighborhood state park is my retreat when the elements are stacked against me. I’m glad that it’s there. This painting was painted almost entirely with a palette knife, a little bitty one. There is some brush work, mostly knocking down too much detail or definition. Still might be to much of that, but I am happy with the results.

‘Treeline Farm’ oil, 5x7, © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I’m nuts, okay! Let’s just accept that for now. The afternoon warmed up, but the winds picked up to what must have been 20 kts at least. I had to weight my tripod with the backpack to keep it upright. I love the farmsteads around here. By the end of this project I’ll probably have spent a lot of time exploring them. Especially if the weather is a little nicer. They’re just so full of character and history and I love that about them. It’s not easy to say a lot about how you feel about them on a 5x7 inch surface, but I hope that I at least can portray the emotional response that I feel for each one’s character. This one caught my eye due to the backlit sky silhouetting the buildings.

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