Monday, April 26, 2010

April 2009 Painting Marathon Redux

April 26, 2009

A full day of rain made today a new challenge. I spent 3/4th’s of the painting time in the car, not an enjoyable way to work, but sometimes the only way to work. Painting one painting in the rain is, one thing. Painting all day in the rain, doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather paint all day in the snow.

“St. Croix Falls D.Q.” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I was about to go get some flowers and fruit and make this an indoor painting day. Then I turned onto the main drag through St. Croix Falls, WI (across the river) and was immediately convinced to paint it.

“Green Shed” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
I saw some pheasants in the ditch and stopped to watch them in a courtship display, two roosters and a hen making up the group. They did there thing, in... made new pheasants, and I stayed to paint.

“Red Boat Resting” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
This little 12 foot boat was all alone on the beach and caught my eye as a willing subject. Usually about half way into the painting, the owner shows up and takes the boat out. I thought that I’d be safe today because of the rain.

“Curve” oil 5x7 © Marc R. Hanson 2009
The white surface of this canopy shelter lit up the hillside as I came to the curve in the road. Seemed like a good choice for the last one of the day.


David Slonim said...

These are very nice. Great mood. Looks like Indiana! On "Curve" you really made the ground lie down and go back. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your work! You should do another painting marathon... or at least consider it. It is the only way that people like myself, with little money, will get to own one of your paintings.

Chad said...

Did you grab some DQ?!

billspaintingmn said...

You've captured the feel of rain
All this is wonderful Marc!

vinayak kurne said...

WOW!!I love your color pallatte!!Great....thanks for sharing....)

Susan Renee Lammers said...

Nice work! How much are they?

Marc R. Hanson said...

Thanks David. Appreciate it.

Laila... I hear you. It was such a committed experience that I would be hard pressed to find the same open time frame again. So happens last April was as empty as a month could be, and nothing came up in my life that would have interrupted the flow of the project. Just having one three day workshop to teach meant four fewer paintings.

DQ was closed Chad! :(

Thank you Bill.

Thank you Vinayak.

Susan they all sold last April for $110.00 plus shipping and insurance.