Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014

So it begins... and not with a bang... but with the steady, soft sound of falling Colorado powder!  It snowed all day long, beautiful to see and be in the middle of.  But the build up of snow flakes on the palette is annoying.  Temps were pretty mild.  I started around 8:00 this morning, had two in the box by about 11:30, then went to lunch.  Mainly to warm up the toes and fingers.  It was a tough day to find color, it was so subtle.  The beauty of that isn't lost on me, but I am looking forward to the forecast sunshine tomorrow!  

2-1-1 'Rabbit Shelter' - oil - 8x10 
©2014 Marc R. Hanson
I didn't leave the property I live on to paint today.  There is plenty here, beginning with this side road and the base of the old cottonwood that is on it's edge.  I did like the soft, muted violets, blue-greens and pinks that I was seeing in the fresh snow.  I flushed a rabbit walking out here, hence the title.  

2-1-2 'The Path to My Studio' - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson
For the second one of the day, I was walking around and decided it would be a good exercise to try painting the warm, barn red of my studio, filtered by the falling snow.  The shifts in color on the snow were very subtle.  To have something to paint, I played them up slightly.  

2-1-3 'Flurries All Day' - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson
After lunch I stepped out of my van in the garage, walked around behind it to see this view out towards St Vrain Rd... it's out there somewhere, buried by fresh powder today.  Can I just say, it's not fair that I'm doing this when all of this fresh powder is sitting on the side of the mountains, waiting for my skis?  The things painters give up to do this! 

2-1-4 'Grays' - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson
This was the least interesting color of the day, nearly monochromatic.  But it was a most interesting time to be painting, judging by the interest shown.  I was standing out by St Vrain Rd, thinking that there wouldn't be anyone around.  It was non stop traffic, I was feeling a little too close to the edge with it all.  Interesting, some guy drives by, comes to a stop, backs up on the opposite side of the road and gets out and starts taking photos of me with a big lens???  Then he tells me he just spent about 4 hours up on Highway 36 where there is an elk that has met it's demise.  Seems every predator and scavenger in the country side is there feeding on it, and he was shooting them with his camera.  He said he saw red fox, bald eagles, coyotes, and various crows, jays and other birds on it.  That's about 2 miles from me... I kept on painting. 


Anonymous said...

Great beginnings. I saw a painter put a clear shower curtain over his umbrella to keep pounding snow off the palette. I also saw another painter who had his palette in a box to close the lid enough to keep the snow off. Still others paint under the overhang of their SUV. Sure is is like painting with saw dust!

Linda M. Epstein said...

I "met" you those so years ago you did this before. Actually met your paintings first and through that, you. Looking forward to this foray with you, fine as kind.

Randy Saffle said...

Stay strong my friend!

Eugene Veszely said...

G'Day Marc

I see you didnt set your sales up as an auction. Personally I think an auction is the best way to go for seller and buyer...but that's just me! :-)

Looks like you are off to a great start. Cant wait to see what you paint for the rest of the month.

Dave Miner said...

Extraordinary Marc, these first few are Metcalf like, really great!

Ginger Whellock said...

How can the world be so monochromatic? I ventured out to photograph and all I got was black and white images! Should have wrapped up like you and painted - there was color out there though subtle. Well done, Mark - the paintings and the effort.

Laurel Daniel said...

You are an inspiration, truly. Looking forward to seeing and reading about your daily adventures!

maureen hanley said...

particularly like flurries all day...the mysterious distance hinted at and the over arching trees impact is quite right...greys is interesting too

David Boyd, Jr said...

Awesome start! I think it's so great you didn't pick the quentisentially beautiful months to do this challenge... A true challenge in every way. Personally, I think winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. God speed.